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Performed by I Killed The Prom Queen

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=] | Reviewer: benjy | 11/3/09

I only heard this a few days ago but i love it now, the thing i love about songs like this is theres all the screaming to get us going and with the bit of the singing its like icing on the cake and makes it easier to get into and catchier :)

Tim | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/09

okay well ive been into lets call it heavy music since i was about ten? and im seventeen now. first off I killed the prom queen is metalcore, verging on deathcore in some instances. Not screamo, not emo, not goth. Their earlier stuff like parkwayd drive also is in much more a traditional aussie hardcore style. Im still amazed by ed butchers lyrical style. It has such a depth and metaphorical egde to it that paints the image in your head of the song as it plays... or you could juts watch the video. They may be old news now and metalcore may be overdone and boring to many )and their are alot of bands now that have ripped off this style of sound) but this was a fantastic album and their old stuff is equally as impacting. Good to know they will possibly be returning to us again... but keep that on a *shush shush* basis. Dont want to get all of your hopes up ^^ ohhh while im at it ill be a myspace whore and say add me at

yess its an emo name. i made it like four years ago and weve all had that stupid depressing angry myspace name stage ><

This band is awesome! | Reviewer: travis | 8/9/09

i was watchin metal on austar and i saw say goodbye video clip and since then i loved it and then looked em up on myspace...theyre just awesome! metal core is the best screamo there is ever.
i can scream so possible it could be way too easy for me to scream this song.
thanks IKTPQ for makin such brilliant lyrics and music...i wanna get ur old stuff now too,ur the best guys.

=/ | Reviewer: Jen | 6/22/09

i remember telling my ex to listen to this song, and a week later he passes away. he was my first love, i'll always love him. i always adored this song but now everytime i listen to it i think of him. it gives it so much more meaning now.

Savage | Reviewer: savage | 8/27/08

well my friend got my listening to this one day in his house and i was like this is some pretty hard stuff,

then it became a quest to find the heaviest most hardcore, rip ur head off music ever... i still cant find it lol

thx to this song i am on a mission!

easy and best song! | Reviewer: KaTiE | 11/5/07

jeez man i love this song and the beast band! i am like obsessed with them we flew out to Australia just to go and see them! I love IKTPQ!!!!!♥ This song would have to be the best out of all of them and the easiest to scream along to. i love my screamo and death metal!♥

BEST SONG EVER | Reviewer: Tom Jackson | 8/30/07

Best song ever! shame they split up yea. great lyrics. I hell got into the like screamo/emo/hardcore shit when i was like 12 yeh. Im still only 13 lol. I hate people that hate this type of music, I have to agree with that muffin bloke. May Screamo and like live on forever and be worshipped by many. Amen.
I was gonna type in some like screamo stuff here but yeh it doesn't really work you just like can't write screamo.

mmm | Reviewer: Ethan | 8/28/07

this is a great song
ive known the guitar forever for it
and to the comment a few below mine
i actually have a version with crafter on vocals
its different lyrics and professionally recorded

love it | Reviewer: victoria | 8/22/07

I love this song my friend Nick told me about this band and I would try so hard to sing along to it but its very hard but i still now every word to this song I think the lead singer is hot he is very cool to. Im into the whole punk,goth,emo thing so thats why im inlove with this song...

I miss crafter | Reviewer: Lindsay | 8/21/07

As this song is good it would have been much better with matt crafter on vocals... \m/

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