Review for Hum

------ 12/31/2006 11:00:00 AM

One of the great unsung bands of the 1990's

When asked to describe Hum, I usually tell people they sound similar to to the band Tool on a great deal of opiate narcotics. They have all the aspects of Tool, but on a much more subdued level. They are not as heavy, but the technical music combined with daap-end of the local pool lyrics, that cause you to take your frre-time researching the true meaning. It is a damn shame they broke up. I know the band could grow in popularity because their sound was/is so unique in this banal age of American idol saturated bullshit. hum offer such a diverse approach to music and images it really baffles the mind. I really dig their focus on Space and basci emotions that are presented with a subtle hint of melancholy to bode the listener into their blissed-out world., Buy an album and sit back for an afternoon or evening and listen closely. If you are high, it may hit you even more deeply.

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