Chrissy Girl | Reviewer: Dat Secsy Beast | 11/11/12

"ok dude... one... learn to spell i m ean seriously. U sit there and act like you know EVERY LITTLE DETAIL about hollywood undead when really dude... u dont. U don't even know how the spell "CHARLIE SCENE"'S name for christs sake.learn ur facts dude"
* Okay, dude... for one, learn how to spell. I mean, seriously, you sit there and act like you know every little detail about Hollywood Undead when really, dude, you don't. You don't even know how to spell Charlie Scene's name, for Christ's sake! Learn your facts, dude.

I felt this was necessary. Learn to spell, Chrissy Girl, before you grammar Nazi others. Derpnuts. In other news, excellent band, just learned of them recently, going to find more of their music to listen to. Loved "Bullet" and "Dead Bite," so far!~

KURLZZ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/11

I love Da Kurlzz, he's my favourite member like. It's not that I don't like anyone else, cos J-Dog and Funnyman's lines are beast and Danny's a great singer the same as Charlie Scene. J3T is awesome and I love everyone in H-U, especially
DA KURLZZ!!!!!!!

They're considered alternative | Reviewer: Lauren | 11/2/11

They're alternative mainly, with some rapping. And it's ok if someone spells stuff wrong. He didn't say he knew everything about them. Cut him some slack. I don't know much by them, but i love Bullet. It's an interesting happy-suicide song.

@ r-y-a-n b-o-o-z-e-r | Reviewer: *Chrissy_Girl* | 10/7/11

ok dude... one... learn to spell i m ean seriously. U sit there and act like you know EVERY LITTLE DETAIL about hollywood undead when really dude... u dont. U don't even know how the spell "CHARLIE SCENE"'S name for christs sake.learn ur facts dude

a lotof you guys have it all wrpng. | Reviewer: r-y-a-n_b-o-o-z-e-r | 7/28/10

a lot of you guys have got it all wrong. there is no song "we are young" its called young. another thing is the band themselves never read this s++t, only fans. but anyway yeah ther fkng awesome. scene and funny are of corse funny.but i think J-3-T or charely scene would be my favorites, funny brings a different element to the songzz. which is somtimes good, like bottle and a gun. favorite song with funny. but H.U. is al i listen to on my ipod. if undead came tyo pheonix this year before i move OMFG i wud die. haha my dad an i wud fight for those damn tickets, so they shud. ima member of DE UNDEAD ARMY!! PEACE.

Dang | Reviewer: Jessie | 12/17/09

I was always trying to figger out what type of music they where. My dad and people around me are always asking me what type of music are they??? I like i really dont know cause its rap at one moment then its rock at the next... My favorite song from them is knife called lust... befor i even knew about them i was depressed then one of my friends had sell your soul on their myspace i listened to it and i got into them i been listening to their music for years now... im waiting for their newest cd to come... this is the frist band i ever bought a cd from a store... I am an Undead Soilder!!! We all are Undead Army!!!

nicole | Reviewer: nicole | 11/27/09

wow you have got to love hollywood undead!!! im one of there friends on myspace and there all my favorites and i understand and love them...i want to meet them in person and that would be my dream and i realy want to casue there the best and we all know they are : )
so cheers to hollywood undead cause there the best dang band out there : )woo hoo!!
i am the undead army

HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD | Reviewer: AmandaGGGGG | 11/24/09

They are more than amazing....Words cant describe how amazing they are they are just flat out amazing ...... AND they have more than just the one cd out they have Christmas time in hollywood which is amazing !!!!

THROW THE HU UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Shaun | 11/3/09

hollywood undead is my idol the best band in the world.oct.31 the conert in philly pa.i was going to go and i was so exited to go.but as i went to buy a ticket and they were all sold out..i was crying my eyes can u guys please come to pa.i love all of your songs i do not dislike any of them.thank you hollywood undead for everything u made me see inside myself.thanks hu...[push it off my chest till thers nothing left]

HU | Reviewer: Devilz | 7/8/09

I adore Hollywood Undead, Perfect blend of rap/rock.
Can't wait for a new album, But wtf is that guy on about? How the hell can you compare these guys to My Chemical Romance OR Evanesence? Something wrong with you mate..
Do a few shows in England!!!


YEY | Reviewer: Dani | 6/19/09

I've just started listening to H.D but i'm already in love wth them since hearing there song undead at Scuzz i must of listened to them over a 100 times parring them with my Linkin park and My chemical romance and Evanescence intake there music is addictive t say the least and i ove the song 'We are young'
as it relates to this generatios problems


Throw the HU up! | Reviewer: Erby | 5/20/09

i love hollywood undead! they are unlike anything that i have ever listened to, and are my current addiction. i like that they give their band a personal flair with the masks and funny names. i love the song "young". it's about a real issue. and thier oter songs are catchy!

Holly wood undead...sell your soul.

I Love Hollywood Undead! | Reviewer: Jessi Phillips | 4/29/09

I Love Hollywood Undead! In fact last night April 28, 2009 I was at their tore concert with Sonny and Framing Hanley! It was intence. We made it to the front and got a lots of bruses and elbos and kicks, all worth to have the band throw thenself on us, and sing right to us. Every song they decicated it to someone. On their song pain Johnny Three Tears said "We dedicate this song to all those fight overseas and all those in the military because if it weren't for them we woodn't be able to do what we are doing now!" I screamed mi lungs out... for I have a boy over seas!!! The song was Pain! Perfect! Mi friends and I were screaming our lungs out singing with them! Every song! When Johnny Three Tears jumped into the stage he landed right on top of me, and held mi hand until he got his balence... Haha I Loved it! And when J-Dog jumped into the audience on his way back he kissed/lick mi friends face! Amazing, Awesome, Wicked, Hardcore, and the Damn Best Truthfull Band in the world! Every song goes right to the Heart! They understand and speak the truth! They fell what we feel making them the Best Band In The WORLD! I Love Yall!!!