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these guys are really un real | Reviewer: KAthleen | 2/28/11

Hey these guys are really un real i gotta say they are the best hip n hop urban muisc ever...i never heard of the hill top hoods til couple of years ago when my mate was playing it at a party...Hill top hoods are the best.

facepalm | Reviewer: Reece | 4/4/10

To the Seppo moron, they might not be "real" but at least they can fucking spell. I hope you get shot "keeping it real".... Real dumb. Ever think that it's idiots like you who don't know what's fucking realistic? We're Australian not American so shut up cause you obviously don't know what is realistic for an Aussie compared to American gang wankers who think they're top shit.

Hilltop do what most "gangstas' can't draw in people who don't like hip-hop

Respect from Canada | Reviewer: Kyle Doel | 12/8/09

I recently made friends with an australian exhange from Cairns, Australia, Hilltophoods has already spread a bit in Canada, but i hadnt heard of them up until i met her. They are fucking amazing, my favourite hiphop grp and im not even australian.

Our closest to that in Canada is Classified (pretty sure another canadian mentioned it) but they arnt as good as Hilltop.

American fag | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/09

Aye to the american faggot, uz dickheads will never get how it goes ova here m8. If therez a fight we fight if therez shit to do we do it, apart from that we fuckin relax my son. Smoke up an relax to this shit hero. Anyhow we Australian an ur a yank, da hilltops are aussie so fuck ya opinion MATE

hilltop hoods are dope | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/08

for the guy below me...most people in aus dont see guns and shit everyday, which is why people in aus like this music. i dont think hardcore really means you shuld have to rap about guns anyway, like some rappers, mainly from the straights, rap mostly abotu guns and violence but there reaps are pretty shit, one dimensional, and boring. everytime i listen to a hilltop hoods track a i get really into the music and lyrics and if you pay attention you will see they are pretty fucking talented, despite whether or not they make the same bullshit raps about guns and violence everyone else does. They represent a truthful honest view of life and in a cool way, thats why they are good. and it jsut fuckin sounds great.

are you serious? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/08

lol, are u serious? hilltops hoods by far are whack, i mean look, fair enough they tryna do their thang der own way, but listen, they dont have much to rap about, they dont see guns ev'day, so if a rapper from tha states rap about whats goin around em, y'all say its not real hip-hop. Australia needs to knowledge their are better rappers right now, inside Australia rather then hilltop hoods! they need to stop braggin on about how they real, they aint, they just some punks that are just writing rhymes, not being realistic with whats goin on around tha world. i mean look at the hardroad track he is complainin about droppin outta school to work, some people cant even go to school, whats so hard about that? lol, hilltop hoods need to stop gettin over dem selfs, im a rapper, i know im way and i mean way better, and im not white by tha way, sorry to disappoint, peace

These guys are unreal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/08

I have to say these guys are one of the best hip-hop groups out today. I give them big credit for putting some unbelievable stuff together. Also if you like these guys you may want to check out Classified he is a canadian hip-hop star that is very similar and beats it up with what he does. and dont forget Swollen Members there pretty good as well.

hilltop, thats where the blood runs... | Reviewer: bmitch | 9/15/07

the hilltops hav 2 b my favourite music group by far. these guys had it pretty hard when they were younger and hav built there way up from nothing. there music is sick and i respect wat theyve done and who they are. Full Props to the hilltops!!

Hilltops Rule | Reviewer: Bjadew | 8/20/07

I love the hilltop hoods. They played an awesome show in Adelaide for The Hard Road Restrung. When my daughter was born all we could settle her on was Hilltops, now she is 2 and she beat boxers along to all their songs. Even my mum loves them. And they are hot. We love Vents as well,he rocks. Not bad for little old Adelaide.

The best. | Reviewer: L!V | 7/22/07

Utterly superb. This group redefine the Hip-Hop movement. They are superlative in comparison to any other rap you have ever heard. Drop your shit preconceived notions and listen to something that actually matters. And what's more? Well, when you don't spend money you made off good music on Drugs, you can afford to re-record your entire last album with a live orchestra. Fucking awesome.

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