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Hilltops Rock | Reviewer: Miggzeh | 6/2/07

Heard these guys whilst on a working holiday in Aus, saw them at a couple of gigs including the very crap thank god its over in Brisbane, nobody came cos they didnt get an alcohol license but the Hilltops stayed and did a great show and made it all worht while.

never liked hip hop/rap until I heard these guys, foget the mumbling shit from fiddy cent and the ilk and listen to something you can understand and relate to.

Keep it real Hilltops

supp peeps | Reviewer: sarah | 5/28/07

supp peeps i luv da hiltop hoods they r hot suffa u da bomb u r soo hot ma friends fink u r hot peace out xoxo

restrung | Reviewer: Louise | 5/14/07

i give all their albums 10 out of 10... they are the best adelaide band ever.. aussie hip hop is the best.. their new hard road restrung it awesome.. keep up the good work guys

hilltop hoods is way better than anything America has to offer | Reviewer: Ed | 5/6/07

this is comin from an Amerian that grew up on music(mostly rap), and in a way i found Hilltop hoods byaccident, now that i no how good rap can be, im having trouble listenin to anything else, i just hope hoodtop hills dont stop making music after they release the hard road restrung

haha | Reviewer: staciie | 4/25/07

i know flak hes best friends wth my dad my dad nos hilltophoods

get some history | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/07

at least try ppl to go back in time. the calling aint there first album. any one that states song to rep on off of that is a joke. left foot right foot is easly there best and well put together ablum and i surgest you listen to it. and back once again you will find some damn good songs on there to!

hilltop workin the mic | Reviewer: hilltop baybee | 4/22/06

omg!! fuk all those other tryhard groups out there!!listen to hilltop,,and you'll neva eva change!!the calling nd the nose bleed section are the best!! and there new album the hard road is even beta!!
omg i love hilltop hoods!!!

Hilltop Hoods, theyre all good, from the bridge to the wood.. | Reviewer: Pearl | 4/26/05

This fucking group rocks, the nosebleed section, is their most popluar, get that song first, and i guarentee anyonw who likes hip-hop will be addicted.. and plus theyre Australian, we should support them as much as possible..

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