i love it | Reviewer: kaysha | 5/22/2007

I love dis song infact i love all hilary duff songs i have all her dvds n c.ds n watch lizzie mcguire all the time i aspcially like cadet kelly!!

love it! | Reviewer: katelyn | 5/15/2007

i absolutely love the song. i sang to it when i was watching the movie. i want to add the song to my ipod but i don't think the song is in itunes.

Luv u so much ! | Reviewer: o0AmI0o | 5/1/2007

I luv Hilary Duff since the first time I've seen her on Lizzie McGure ^^, She's so cute, she acted perfectly, she sings beautifully, luv u so much Hilary Duff, luv u 4everrrrrrr

this is so cool dude | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/2007

like Dude this song is like so cool you know cause like hilary duff like sing this so cool and like really does a good jod and like that it.

q | Reviewer: shweta | 4/17/2007

this is the song that comes in the lizzie mcguire movie right?its cool.

i can't lose you | Reviewer: palace | 4/13/2007

i'm a chinese student. i loved you after i had listened your song-what dreams are made of.you are my life.i hear your voice every day.your voice are so perfect that i enchant you. i'm your fans!!!!!!!!!i love you iove Hilary Duff!!!!

i love | Reviewer: Cecilia | 2/10/2007

you know what? i love this song because it makes me cool,alive,wonderful and alert.I love this song too because it performeds by the cool,beautiful,kind,talented girl miss hillary duff my favorite singer,dancer and actress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahhh! | Reviewer: desi | 8/23/2006

i absolutly love this song.. but i cant find it on itunes.. im really bummed

Great | Reviewer: cindy | 2/2/2006

I think that the song is a great song that I might even sing it for my high school talent show