love u and ur songs | Reviewer: le thi nhung | 12/6/2007

hi hilary duff!i'm in vietnam but i love u and love ur songs since i've heard this song.the first times that i heard this song when i saw the film that u'r the main actress.i always sing it when i'm glad.

I Love You So Much !!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Isabelle | 12/6/2007

Hi Hil I Wish I Could Meet You One Day!!!!!! I Wish You Came To See Me In Manitoba But Your To Busy With Your Tours And WhatEvers I Love Your Songs I Heard All f It The Most I Love Is Stranger I Love The Music Video I Wish I Really Wish I Meet You In Person Or You Could Come For My Birthday Next Year In August 7 I'll Be 13 Years Old the Others In My Reserve Dont Think Your A Great Singer But i Do I Really Love You!!!!!!!!!!

hElLo EvEvRyOnE! [love u hil xoxo] | Reviewer: Tara [me myself and I] | 11/27/2007

Your my fav singer!! I love your voice. I've heard all your songs!! I am so your fan!!! I love your songs!! I've also seen your movies. I have tons of your pics, Your a great singer and you'll always be!!! XO *wish i could meet ya* :)

love ur song | Reviewer: mihika | 11/2/2007

i seen ur movie and i heard ur song i sooooo really loved it ur voice is awesome hope 2 meet u one day but it sounds imposible coz i live in india and not only ur songs i also luv u hilary............

whatever | Reviewer: cindy | 8/13/2007

hi hilary, i love ur songs very much especially this song.u have a wonderful voice and i wanna be like u someday...i really wanna meet u, hope you'll come to malaysia!!!

Its great!!!! | Reviewer: paige | 8/8/2007

i am your number 1 fan Hilary and as soon as i heard this song i knew you was brilliant at singing. Now i just wish u would come to england.

To :hilary duff song | Reviewer: Dalal | 7/6/2007

I love this soong so0o0o0o0o0o0o00o0o much because when i hear i i feel special and sooooo happy and fun i even love it because 1 of my best actress sings it:)

u'r d best ever girl | Reviewer: luana b | 6/22/2007

hey waths up girl i liker you;r song very mhuc and i wish to see you arund in malta. u'r the best

I wanna meet u | Reviewer: Erika | 5/28/2007

You are so cute thats why the song is cool too.............i wanna meet u but i can't ohh
I know some day we will surely meet face to face.........................i luv ur songsssssssss

love this song | Reviewer: Anne | 5/25/2007

This song is one of the best in the world! It ocks more than cheesecake, which is, like, the yummiest food in the whole universe!