So cool! | Reviewer: karolyN viciouS | 3/13/09

I love that Forrest is a vegetarian. But I don't like that he supports PETA...oh well.
Their music just makes me so happy.
The first song I heard by them was "Dear Jamie...Sincerely Me" and I feel in love all over again.!!!!

hellogoodbye-[the best band ever!] | Reviewer: forrestklineishawt101 | 7/22/08

uhm lets see
baby it's fact is my favorite song by them
I'm listening to it right now.
it was prolly the first song i ever heard from them
it was on my friends myspace profile.
i forgot bout it for a while,then when started singing it in front of my
friends she was like isn't the baby it's fact-hellogoodbye?
and i was like surree?
haha lol i used to hate my life so much!
and then i heard of hellogoodbye.
whenever i hear there music i get all happy inside.
whenever i'm at a sleepover i just take out my MP3,curl up in the corner
and listen to my hellogoodbye songs
every single song on my MP3 is by hellogoodbye
if i could do one last thing in the world
it would be to meet hellogoodbye and tell how how they changed my life.
Forrest Kline is mine
but to badd he has a girlfriend
he's so hawt!
he's smokin!and he's nerdiness makes him even hawter!
check out my name its forrestklineishawt101

hellogoodbye =D | Reviewer: Rachel | 9/8/07

they are an amazing band I love them loads theyre lyrics are so gd and they are amazing live i love all of there songs and love forrest

carrie chaos | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/07

Yes they are amazing...I've loved them for forever and I am completely in love with mr.kline..<333 he's all mine so yah girls bakk off kayy??

LA | Reviewer: Laini;) | 7/10/07

I love hellogoodbye! Here in your arms is soooo good, love the video:D I hear it the first time with my neighbor Alice! reminds me about this summer - 07

:D | Reviewer: kate | 6/25/07

I'm glad to say that i have always loved HG and that when they supported taking back sunday my school were the only people who moved.

I love them before all this "here in your arms" success and will love them forever after.



Forret Kline is Mine! | Reviewer: Courtney "Cam" | 6/16/07

I luv helloGoodbye, not only can they do funky energetic songs but they can pull off sad 'woncha feel sorry for me' tunes. I luve them to death, if i could id listen to them everyday! -Ps. Forrest Kline is mine! Cam luvs her some nerds! ;P

you guys kick a$$ | Reviewer: brandon | 6/16/07

hey there all I can say is that these guys are a very good band they know how to make music and being a guy they have good songs.They are not gay or babies they are very cool guys even though I haven't met them before, I would love to!Please don't laugh but I think I want to be just like them and be a rock star and start a band to! If Forrest or Chirs see this message,guys please write me back and if you can please send me a picture of you guys so I can give to a girl I love thanks alot from, brandon

lyrics | Reviewer: amanda | 6/4/07

i luv dem sooooooooooooooo much.
sum 1 pls submit some lyrics!!!!

amazing & hot | Reviewer: Jaynie | 5/11/07

Okai i heard them for the 1st time todaii and completly luved them !!!!!!!

Im obessesed now !!

Lead Singer Totally hot too lol :P

Lovveeee uuuuuuuu xxxxxx