Very Underestimated | Reviewer: Aya | 4/18/06

I first found HelloGoodbye while watching the Real World Austin, on MTV.
Their song: "Oh, it is Love" is what got me hooked as I sat there on my couch, entranced as they sat in a forest-y kind of setting and, with nothing but vocals and banjo (I think?) started the song that would catch my heart.
But ever since then, I've had to constantly defend the band's honor as friends, strangers over the net and even my own boyfriend criticized and judged them, although they hadn't even listened to the music!!
My boyfriend whines that they weren't as emo as they had been publicly (over the net) labelled.
And I have to say, HGB is so not emo! Nor are they ska, punk-wannabe or anything else.
I'm not sure how to label such a beautiful band. Their music and word-play helps inspire me with my own songwriting and makes me feel good about the world somehow.
But however their music is named, seen or grouped, they are a wonderful group of musicians. They help give me confidence when I'm about to perform with my own band infront of my school, and sometimes strangers in family venues because they, themselves have started out small one time. Their music gets me through the good and the bad, and there isn't anything I can do to fully express my gratitude for their existence.

The Best Fucking Band Ever | Reviewer: Katie | 7/17/05

Okay guys, I gotta say, I totally love these guys. They're really fun and energetic and I normally don't like anything even remotely techno. These guys totally kick ass and if you get the chance you gotta check em out. Also, if you go to aol music they have the video for call and return which is just about the funniest thing I've ever seen. You think they're gay? You're just insecure.

Hellogoodbye | Reviewer: Drew | 10/23/04

Me and my friends came across HGB on and were instantly amazed, (and I am not one to listen to just anything, I'm some-what "picky"). They manage to blend genres to a perfection. Luckily about 2 weeks after I came to love their music, I found out that they were playing at The Downtown in Amityville,NY, which is only 15 minutes away from where I live. These gentlemen manage to put on an incredible show. They had impressive amounts of energy and didnt miss a single note. Also, i got a chance after they played to have a cigarette with Jesse, the keyboardist, and hes a really cool guy. I just heard that they will be coming back east, and staying at my friend's dorm, around November 21st, and will be replaying The Downtown which I will deffinately not miss. If you find out that they are performing anywhere relatively close to you, GO SEE THEM. Oh and today, 10/22/04, I just read an article on the Drive Through Records website that they got into an car aciddent earlier today. I doubt they will ever come across this and read it, but I pray that they are all alright and in perfect health because it would be a shame for the music community to loose such influencial and talented musicians.

"Signed Sincerly, Me"