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A First for me | Reviewer: Blanche | 3/22/2008

Truly a first for me. When comparing artists i often have categories to compare from and so on. Heather Headley will be the first of her kind in what i call a new slab of comparison. I have listened to artists as widely as possible, but am yet to come across one that i can put in the same category as miss Headley.

Miss Headley can entertain a wide spectrum of people from all walks of life, in my opinion. From the classical listeners to the contemporary listerner. And do not be alarmed if you find yourself breaking your barriers when being entertainded by her in whatever aspect of entertaining she may be. I believe there is more to this young spirit than she herself is aware.

Shine your torch Heather, you are a pioneer.

Heather Headley: Another Northwestern University Success Story | Reviewer: Dr.Harry Hazelwood,MD,PhD,MPH | 12/2/2007

Heather Headley,Trinidadian Nubian Princess is nothing short of Phenomenal. Heather is a "stylist" who can take a song written for someone else and written by someone else and is able to make it her own "uniquely individual creation.
I too attended the prerstigious Northwestern University where musical theatre at Northwestern has a fabulous tradition of performance and didactic instructional coursework in the performing arts and sciences.
Our annual Spring musical production the "WAA-MU" show is world-renowned and our extensive Alumni newtork of fellow graduates in the performance arts and sciences of Musical Theatre and Drama and Communications is exceptional and reads like a "Who's Who" directory of the entertainment business (eg,Charlton Heston,Ann Margaret,Gary Marshall,Cloris Leachman,Peter Strauss,Paula Prentice,Richard Benjamin,Karen Black,Patricia Neal,Maclean Stevenson,Paul Lynde,
Heather Headley,Sherry Lansing-the ONLY female Northwestern Alumnus to ever become the head of TWO MAJOR motion picture studios: Twentieth Century Fox and later in her career Paramount pictures).
Heather was DESTINED to do exceedingly well given her extraordinary talent and the Northwestern University Communications and Musical Theatre connections which extend far-beyond Evanston,Illinois to New York and to Hollywood.
I wrote the musical score for the 1976 Northwestern bicentennial Waa-Mu show titled "That's the Spirit" which was produced by Tom Roland of the Musical Theatre Department. My co-writer was another Northwestern entertainment High-power Alumnus, Sheldon Harnick, who wrote the mega smash hit Broadway Musical "Fiddler on the Roof". This is the kind of foundational support which the Northwestern University 'connection' gave to both Heather Headley and to me,as well. Neither one of us could have recieved the kind of support and attention after graduation from any other institution that we both recieved from Northwestern. Northwestern University really does have the ability to make careers in the Entertainment Industry and give one that "special edge" that one needs needs to have to get started in the entertainment business.
I love Heather's talent and the great passion that she brings to her body of work.
The entire Northwestern University community and our enormous Alumni Network is very proud of Heather and ALL of her stellar accomplishments.
I support my colleague,friend, and classmate in All of her endeavors both on and off the stage!

Dr.Harry Hazelwood,MD,PhD,MPH
Collaborating Physician,
The Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and
Research (GFMER)
The World Health Organization (WHO/OMS)
e-mail: and/or,
Tel.(305) 766-5751
Fax.(954) 572-4006

A True Entertainer | Reviewer: Kiara | 6/10/2006

Awesome, passionate singer. Definitely not studio... I love her!!!!

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