miss my sister inlaw | Reviewer: hosan | 3/26/14

The first tym l heard this song some one so special asked me to listen to it and l did and it make alot of sense,l plan to play it on our wedding day with my beautful woman sarah.........

I love this song | Reviewer: Angela | 4/28/13

I am getting married in June and my father and I will be dancing to this song. I know he and I are both going to cry. Him and I have not had a really good relationship or a close one, but still this is a very strong song for us.

I Loved Her First | Reviewer: kim | 8/28/11

I didn't know it at the time but the first time my daddy heard this song...he drove straight to the store and bought the cd for me. Put my name on cover, told me to listen to just this song and love Daddy. I had been married 20+ years at the time. It is very special to us especially now that my Mama has passed away. Thank you!

Amber Keyworth's Weeding | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/08

My last boyfriend said that he was going to marry me and he ended up breaking up with me and whenever my mom (kimberly keyworth) hears this song she always thinks of me and how many times i've been hurt by so many guys.

missing my dad at my wedding | Reviewer: Tonya | 8/3/07

I was suppose to dance with my dad at my wedding to I Loved Her First, but he passed away In March and I just got married in June. I couldn't dance with him in person, but our wedding party danced to it. And I had some of my father's ashes put into a heart charm and I wore that at my wedding. So, he did get to walk me down the isle and get that dance.

Father-Daughter Dance | Reviewer: Tifani | 5/30/07

I am getting married Sept 1st of this year, and this is the song that dad and I will be dancing too... I cry EVERY TIME... I should be a mess the day of the wedding

beauty | Reviewer: Kaitlyn | 2/16/07

This song is a very beautiful song, and I've already told my dad he's going to dance with me to it at the father daughter dance at my wedding. It makes me smile and cry every time I hear it. It is just so cute.

i love this song..... | Reviewer: krystal | 12/8/06

i want my dad to dance with me at my wedding to this song thank you for macking it it isso wonderful.

I loved her first | Reviewer: Ally | 12/7/06

This is a beautiful song that daddy can dance with his little girl at the wedding. Chokes me up every time.