I love Heart | Reviewer: Misty | 11/25/07

I grew up listening to heart. I think they were the my first influences. I thought they were the best rock band and still love listening to them today.

the original girl rockers! | Reviewer: bev | 3/7/07

I grew up listening to Heart, and now my kids also listen to them with me. Ann and Nancy Wilson are the original women of Rock!!

WOW | Reviewer: Katie | 6/25/06

Just saw Heart at a concert last night and they were awesome!!! Anne and Nancy rocked the venue. Anne's voice continues to be strong and beautiful. Nancy's guitar playing is outstanding. Can't wait to see them again. Loved the concert!!!

HEART ROCKS | Reviewer: Brook Ransom | 7/13/04

Anne and Nancy Wilson are two of the most gifted, talented and creative forces to ever grace the stages of rock and roll. These two amazing sisters were THE pioneers for female rock in the 70's. With Anne's amazing and unrivaled power vocals, Nancy's beautiful guitar work and both of their lyrical and hard-driving poetry these ladies are still in a class of their own. What more can you say. Personally, I could go on and on, but suffice it to say - HEART ROCKS!

OUTSTANDING | Reviewer: Annie | 7/10/04

One of the Nation's most amazing rock group's to walk the earth! Female musician who were the only women able (in their time and even now) to put out a sound that came from the heart, mind and soul with the power of a superband like Led Zepplin and the poetry of Bob Dylan.