i heard rachels voice and fel inlove <3 | Reviewer: abby | 6/24/13

seriously the best band ever! this band speaks to me and at times tells me how im feeling when I cant figure it out for my own <3 I seriously love he is we. Rachel has the voice of an angel. my dream would be to meet her and Trevor. my friend bailey is the one who introduced me to them. the most amzing songs are radio, I wouldn't mine, all about us, and happily ever after. the music is so relaxing and touching. officoiolly my favorite band <3 <3 <3 keep it up guys <3

Love the song Happily Ever After. | Reviewer: Tom | 3/12/13

The music is wonderful the sound is very moving and relaxing at the same time. Listening to Rachel Taylor's voice is like listening to Angels sing she has a very beautiful sound. Keep up the wonderful sound

best indie band ever, seriously. | Reviewer: Saraaa | 4/23/12

He is We is probably the best indie band I've ever ever heard. I've seriously never heard another band express all of everything I'm going through into one song. I remember, Light A Way completely explains a situation I was in last summer. I did a monologue for acting class to Happily Ever After, and I can recite every single song by heeart. ♥ A phrase me and my friends commonly use is, " It's a He is We moment. "