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sorry about the lost | Reviewer: brandon | 12/14/07

i can't believe it i just can't believe that case is dead when i found out i was in shock i just couldn't believe it when i heard but i hope u guys still stick together cause u guys are a good band i listen to ur cds like all the time well hopefully u guys can get someone else exept it's going to suck on replacing casey but later
R.I.P. Casey

omg! | Reviewer: Marisol | 12/12/07

dude some people are fucking stupid and have no feeling what would you guys feel like if you guys died and everyone was like yay or like whatever?! you guys need to stop being little assholes and grow theeee fuck up!!!!!!!!!1 geeez!
im so happy i got to meet casey and the other band members JUNE 27th 2007 at the house of blues of anaheim! ily casey baby RIP!

R.I.P. Casey | Reviewer: Kathyrn | 12/11/07

I have not been a Hawthorne Heights fan a long time but, I know a death can be hard. i like listening h.h. every chance I get. You all will get better and the pieces will be back together soon. We love you Casey !!!

RIP Casey Calvert | Reviewer: Andrew | 12/10/07

Hey i am sorry hawthorne heights for the lost of casey. i know he was a special guy to yall. i know what it is like to lose a band member. and fukk off all you guys that have anything to say bout casey death.

i'm so sad | Reviewer: rip casey | 12/5/07

I am so sorry hawthorne hieghts about your guitarist casey.I was shocked when I found out and so was my sis.
and for this kid who said to get over his death well you can go fuck yourself you don't care about other people and their feelings

If you don't like casey don't write anything negative about him and his EARLY DEATH!!!!!

who cares | Reviewer: who cares about casey | 12/4/07

who cares about this stupid band i mean come on grow up he DIED soooooooooooo what! lol lol im laughing write now because u guys need to grow up!!!!!!!!! bye and find a new band tooo listen to peace out loser's

im sorry | Reviewer: Asil Standby | 12/4/07

i've read alot of these comments to see if it was true that casey was dead, yea i heard it from my boyfriend, friends and classmates, it was hard to beleive yea i dont know when he died or how he died but you guys are my favorite bands, always have and always will be im truely sorry about what happen to casey and im sure everyone is...and i hope you guys stay strong and keep up ur music bc i wouldnt want to see u guys break up bc of this..and yea ur music wont ever be the same with out casey but u can try i wish u guys the best luck and once again im sorry about him he will be missed

R.I.P casey

GO DIE | Reviewer: SOMEBODY | 12/4/07

ok i met casey before because my sister wanted me to come with her and i hate casey he can just go die ooo what he did! ive listen to there stuff and they suck! i mean there not a really popular band ooh and im not going to lay off because im not emo or anything and my life is awesome so i dont need to be emo so i can just browse around web sites and make fun of stuff JUST BECAUSE I CAN!!!

casey | Reviewer: gwen | 12/2/07

casey inspired me to write an epic about his life...he's a "hero" in the music world...not because he's dead, but because he's still alive... xoxo

RIP CASEY CALVERT | Reviewer: nicole | 12/1/07

you were and still to this day are amazing. even though you are dead you will ALWAYS be in our hearts. hes irreplaceable. when i found out about this i cried. :( thats how sad i was. and still when i think about it i cry. he was amazing. you guys are going to have a hard time replacing him. he was AMAZING! rip casey we all miss you and love you. dead but not forgotten! we will always remember who. (: rip

casey | Reviewer: Thiskid | 12/1/07

im not here to carry on an online endless fight about music.
im here to say whats happened to casey is heartbreaking,
im not the biggest fan but i understand all differant types of music.
i honestly cant belive how insanely rude and inhumane that message was, really fucking immature.
sounds like your the one whos keeping it all in. dont be soo full of hate becuase of your parents but dont take your anger out on us ....take more out on them.
the kids in africa...we all care but we cant do anything about it we all ahve lives to persue. africa is getting there aid.. everyone has theyre problems. your not the only one.
i can say i have a great life, and i do.
so i spend most of my time, helping those who dont.
i absolutly love the motavation in this band.
theyre one of the few who went all out.
theyre trying to help. ponedonkey dosent recognize its for him.
i appreciate them, im sure theyve saved lives.
and for those here who are emotionally ruined.
dont cut, find a way to change the situation your in...chanllenge yourself and manipulate it until it works out in your favor.
if you dont hate, i promise you will feel so much more protected, safe, and most of all comfortable with everything.
.....your not the only one

bye casey | Reviewer: emilia | 11/30/07

h.h. is awsome and my friend will be missed greatly thanks to those of you who care and to those who dont u guys are mean!!!!

You guys have no heart. | Reviewer: Santi | 11/28/07

you guys are fucking assholes!
I know i'm not thie biggest hawthorne heights fan there is, but i'm still totally torn that casey had passed. I can tell that most of you have not lost anyone special ever before, you don't know what it feels like to loose anyone, and if you did, you would at least have a little bit of sympathy. You should all go to hell. ROT IN FUCKING HELL.

You need to go and kill yourself.
i don't care who it is, no one should say "YAY" that someone died.
fucking bastard.
You have no clue how these guys' childhoods were, and you have no room to talk. people like you should not even deserve to live. especially since you're a fucking crack whore.

R.I.P. Casey♥ | Reviewer: Jo♥ | 11/28/07

ok listen. i abolutely hate when low life people come on this fan site and diss them. u have no ideal y some people are emo, some bc thier lives at home arent very stable or whatever, u have no right to judge people or call them names. we dont mess with u preppy people and diss whatever kind of music u listen to. Hawthorne heights has opened mi eyes to alot of stuff. they have helped me thru struggles. and how can people listen to rap? all that stuff that digrace women with our bodys and everything else. hawthorne heights has helped me thru the tough times and thru thick and thin. we dont go on ur fan sites and diss ur singers so dont diss ours, leave us alone.

and to hawthorne heights, im sorry about ur death of Caset Calvert. he was one of my favorite guys. i know you guys will stay strong. keep up the hope.
R.I.P. Casey.
u will b greatli missed.

R.I.P. Casey♥ | Reviewer: R.I.P. Casey♥ | 11/28/07

I can just say that I love hawthorne heigths
and casey calver was a beautiful man with importants thinks to do in his life and all the people love h.h love casey and not beacuse he isn`t here because he make magic with his guitar and i love that.....

casey we miss you

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