Assault & Battery | Reviewer: Ozowen | 10/15/2008

Dean's post hits the mark for me. Hawkwind, Floyd, Tangerine Dream and others were certain escape from the wretched stuff promulgated by Abba and rollers. When the bloody Bee Gees and their ilk started the sheer sonic attack of Disco then escape was required and Hawkwind was one of the best answers

assault & battery | Reviewer: Dean | 5/17/2007

Just prior to punk, we had the brilliant Warriors at the Edge of Time. Rotten never gave enough credit to his roots. This band were and are still superb, the sound of the mellotron captures the sound of that time. Being young and excited and at the same time bored with the mainstream pulp fiction that was ABBA, Bay City, Stealers, and all the other clueless muso's of that time, music like Hawkwind gave us hope and took us into space not as escapism but as an adventure, full of promise of other worlds.