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hello beautiful! | Reviewer: Kharis | 10/10/07

holy cow! hawk nelson rox my sox. i love them and cant get enough of them! cant wait for their new cd to come out in the spring!!! go calgary flames! jason and dan ans skwid and jon are my heros...

Hawk Nelson baby!! YEAH! | Reviewer: Lia | 10/6/07

Wow they are truely amazing! Great job at the Revolve tour! it was the best concert I have ever bin to!! Jason Dunn is awesome on stage!hes just too funny. seems like a nice guy!they are my new favorite christian band!!!

Their awesome! | Reviewer: Tiffany Sucato | 9/20/07

I love their song take me and california. i used to live in california but then i moved to az. Their songs r soo kool i just started getting into them but they rock! luv ya Hawk Nelson!!! <3

they are christians | Reviewer: Kacie | 9/10/07

they are Christians, you know. they love God and do this for Him. if any of you think otherwise, just ask them, or read their "thanks" on their cds. they are total Jesus Freaks and do it all for Him.

mi fav. band! | Reviewer: katelyn | 8/28/07

hawk nelson is my favorite band ever! i just love their lyrics. every song just touches my heart and i'm memorized every song and the bands rocks in concert and really knows how to put on a great show! i'm from NH so i only get to see them every once in a while. too bad they didn't get to go to soulfest 07 this year. but yea hawk nelson is deffinately the best christian band i kno...better than relient k even :-D

Go Hawk Nelson! | Reviewer: Caitlin | 8/1/07

I was telling my Youth Group leader what type of music I liked and he recommended this band to me. I have to admit, I didn't even bother listening for a few months. But then I finally decided to put it on my iPod and now I love them! Late Show and Letters to the President are by far my favorite, though all the others come in a pretty close second. Too bad they most likely won't come up to Alaska, or else I would definitely see them in concert.

Rocking | Reviewer: matt | 7/16/07

Hey if hawk nelson gets this no offense on jason dunn but aaron is the coolest everyone else is cool but aaron is the coolest and if if you read this jason how is pter the pancake doing. And is casper really big yet and did your mom find out about the calgary flames tattoo. And are you growing your hair out?????? write it on your website pleeeeezzzz
_thanx u guys rok

Hawk Nelson ROCKS!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Lacy | 7/5/07

I LOVE Hawk Nelson, and jason, the lead singer is sooooooo HOT!:D I first heard them at Winter Wonder Slam 06. IT WAZ AWESOME!!!!!!! I really hope I can go to another concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love both of their cds!

Wow | Reviewer: Kara | 6/3/07

How could this band even be reviewed?? They're to good to be reviewed!!!

Hawk Nelson babyy. | Reviewer: Elexa Jade. | 5/27/07

OH EEM GEE!! i am im love with Hawk Nelson they are my favorite band of all time. and Jason Dunn is amazingly goregous. they have this sound to them that i cant dislike one song they sing!
i F*CK*NG love them!

hawk Nelson | Reviewer: rebi | 5/7/07

Hawk Nelson is the greatest band ever. Their lyrics are awsome and the songs always help me to go back to jesus when I don't feel alright. These songs mean so much to me. I'm from Switzerland so I have no chance to see them in concert, but it has to be awesome, so everybody who's got the chance to go ans see them performing life should take that chance. I hope they will be famous in switzerland too. Hawk Nelson are the best.

i love hawk nelson | Reviewer: levi | 4/17/07

omgosh i luv jason hes sooo fun-e on stage. i luv going 2 thar concerts and it stinks that they wont b coming 4 another year. they are the best band out thar and i luv them sooooooo mutch!

HN's #1 fan.=)

YAY for Hawk Nelson!!!!!! | Reviewer: Tesla | 4/11/07

OMG! I think Hawk Nelson is the kewlest band ever.I love how theyre involved in the media world and might add they are well known...anyways im so glad to go to many of their concerts and have both of their cds.Haha i got them for free(bonus for a huge fan)!!!anyways it was fun to mention them to all my friends and now i play their cd at my youth group friday nights.California is my favorite son g although i wwish they did live in cali so i can try to get in touch and visit them once in a while..Lol.They changed me and im soo stoked about that. Thankss Hawk Nelson!!!I love you =)

Dude! i love this song! | Reviewer: Slim | 2/15/07

the song 'Bring em out' is so flippen awsome! i went with my youth group to the winter Xtreme and saw you guys play this live. it was flippen Awsome! you guys rock my sox off! i also brought my two best friends with me on the trip for the first time and they said their definitly coming to the Summer Xtreme! see you guys there....hopefully. anyway...i'm one of your biggest fan!

hawk nelson 4eva | Reviewer: HAWK NELSON ROX | 2/22/07

hawk nelson is the best band EVA, jason has such an awsum voice!!!

keep rockin guys

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