"Strength beyond strength" | Reviewer: william cianci | 10/6/13

Eternel strength. U either have it or u dont! This band gives u that deep down soul surviving strength that only comes from deep within when u cant take it no more, when uve been pushed to the limit in life and ur gonna freaking crack when everything is against u and trying to snuff u out of this life, then , their is hatebreed the tuffest motherf##king band out there. Nurishment for ur soul, the very thing u finally find out that u need to survive in this cruel, cold heartless world. The very nurishment ur soul needs to stop getting beat down and defeated and finally take a stand a say IM , NOT GONNA F##KING TAKE IT NO MORE!!!! Hatebreed delievers that soul bone crushing screams of pain , overcoming pain, the strength to never give in and never be defeated , the gut wrentching power that we all possess within ourselfs when we cant take it nomore, we just need a catalyst to pull it out of us,to push us to the brink of where pain , and reality converage, that is where u will find HATEBREED, the name of the strength that is deep within us that can make us do anything! Or overcome any adversity in our lives! HATEBREED! Listen and u will be FREE!

Hatebreed saves lives...at least mine and xxlivelydeathxx@hotmail.com's | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/11

Hatebreed is my ultimate inspiration. The fuel my psyche needs to get up and push forward every day even though my life sucks ass. I'm a 33 year old guy with epilepsy, that has recently had two brain surgeries, one 4 years ago, one 8 months ago, to try and fix my machine gun seizure problem.
As a result of the first surgery, I developed Impulse Control Disorder. The second surgery helped that, but it took time for it to die down. I would do things like grab onto moving cars passing me by and knock out the driver if he pissed me off...and when I'd get pissed off at my roomy I'd go kick someone's ass in the park near my home...SEVERELY.
In the meanwhile I also lost my son to his mom, thankfully not the State, due to a apanking I gave him that went over the line. My only son, my meaning in life, my little boy whom I love more than ANYTHING.
Without Hatebreed I would have an ear to ear grin put in by a straight razor.

Hatebreed - Saviors of the Discarded, Abandoned and Abused | Reviewer: xxlivelydeathxx@hotmail.com | 7/1/08

Hatebreed is truly the most inspirational Metal/Hardcore punk band that exists today, and probably the most inspirational Metal/Hardcore Punk band to Ever exist. If it was not for Hatebreed, I would have blown off my skull with my friends shotgun. With their uplifting message and bone crunching guitar riffs, Hatebreed have earned their title as the Saviors of the Discarded, Scared, and Abused


Hi there music lovers!

You will want to buy their new cd called "Supremacy" as i go along. I have never heard any steel crushing band as Hatebreed. They are awesome. You must listen to belive. They are the new Gods of Heavy Metal. Enjoy!