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Performed by Hatebreed

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Peace sells, but who's buying? | Reviewer: KillingTime | 8/17/11

Dear Anonymous...

only those secure in their homes, in a land far far away from holocaust and human tragedy feel confident enough to condemn those who keep them safe...

If there's a new way, I'd be the first in line...

War huh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/11

Dear Samantha Jackson,

Your husband is just a pawn in a useless game called "money making, freedom stealing and depopulation gaining". If soldiers didn't join the army then there would be no useless wars.

Why do wars last so long?

if any one is still asleep and wants to know more than listen to david icke's work, he will explain it to you

This is my husbans anthem | Reviewer: Samantha Jackson | 9/26/08

My husband had been in the US Navy for 8 years. When he has to leave his family wife and children behind for 7 to 8 months at a time and is floating around on the ocean launching off jets and fighting the war. When he returns to his rack and trys to fall asleep befor the next 14 hour shift, he listens to this song as loud as it will go and that is the only thing that lets him fight another day!

Wow | Reviewer: Laura | 1/20/06

I love this god damn song, "if u dont live for summin u'll die 4 nufin" it makes total sense!! xxx

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