Saw it live | Reviewer: Apollos Drummer | 8/6/10

So I saw them play this song live at their CD release party and I have to say I will never forget that moment. It was amazing, when Brennen came out with his guitar we all knew and it was just awesome the whole place was singing along, if you look on utube theres a vid of him doing it at the show and to my knowlege its the only time theyve ever done it live but i could very well be wrong. Plus u can see me in the vid, anyways its a great song, I love it

red leaves | Reviewer: ryan | 7/2/09

i totally agree... this is like a ballad of haste the day which is a great band and in this song jimmys lyrics just take me away.. i think about all the times ive fucked up time after time after time and it makes me realize those events made me who i am and brought me to today

Graham | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/08

I love this song, it does make you think. I would love to hear it live...too bad they wont play it.

plus I always miss their show for some reason or another, it's starting to piss me off...too damn busy, GREAT BAND!

This Song Really Makes Me Think | Reviewer: Mike | 6/4/07

i find that as i listen to this song and sing along to it, i can think about anything, including problems and not even get upset, just realize that every problem i run into in my life, adds up to make me who i am today, a mature, honest, down-to-earth man.