Another Fraud Exposed | Reviewer: Poop-Pants Hater | 11/23/09

For all of those who like honesty, Here's one for them. Connick Jr. is not from New Orleans. He's a rich phoney from Weston, CT. He attended public school there from !970-1982. His father was never DA in New Orleans. He's one of the presidents of Sony Music and a major stockholder in Sony Pictures.

his songs r music 2 my ears | Reviewer: Sally | 12/10/08

I heard this really great song in a movie once. It was one of those songs that get stuck in your head and you cant get them out. Thats how I heard Harry Connicks songs. Everyone I listen to stayed in my head. They are great songs to listen to and I hope he keeps creating great songs. Its been a long time sence I have heard a song that I can respect. These songs, sooth my ears everytime I hear the. lol :) :) :)