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Performed by Harlan Howard

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Missing lines | Reviewer: Ken Klosterhaus | 8/9/2007

My older brother has/had this record and I listened a lot in my yout'. I just recall several lines a little differently, but I cain't prove it. I.e.,
I believe "Possy" is "posse", a group of deputized people acting under the direction of local law enforcement; therefore, `they' or 'it' came out, not 'he'.
Gramatically, even with the rhetorical coloration, would be 'eye for an eye', not 'a eye'.
I recall a more folksy "a'movin' and a'runnin'" with the letter 'a' added, and defence, in America, is spelled with an 's', the 'c' is the British spelling. And I don't remember repetition of the "jury had ruled..." line.
However, I recall a fade out with lines such as;
"runnin' like a dog through the Everglades...
skippin' through the bog like a slimey frog...
and then fade out......

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