Childhood jam | Reviewer: Chloe | 11/4/13

I was born the year after this song was released so obviously wasn't around when it dominated the radio stations but this song was my ultimate jam when I was about three and you could say at that very young age, Hanson were my first 'boyband phase' I was absolutely obsessed with them (closely followed by *nsync of course) but I still listen to their music to this day:)

Totally 90s | Reviewer: | 2/29/12

This song totally represents the cheery sound of music that dominated the late 90s. Thumbs up for this song. Also, looking at the lyrics for the first time, the song now takes on a deeper meaning than when I listened to it as a kid.

PEACE, LOVE & HANSON!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/12

You go boys...I Love your music and have loved watching you guys mature.
You are all three so talented and I highly respect your will to succeed!
Island Def Jam was so lost in the beginning. Jeff wouldn't know a hit if it slapped him in the face!
If you have not watched the Hanson Documentary "Strong Enough To Break", you should watch all 12 pod-casts!
These boys went through hell and kept on going!


Boy this takes me back to a much simplier place in time | Reviewer: Danny | 12/22/11

I remember when this song came out back in that time thought it was the lamest track on planet earth mainly because it was soo played out on the radio and the fact that the kids looks like a bunch of girls. Now that I'm older I realized that they weren't so bad afterall...but back then it was either a love or hate relationship with this song. The fact of the matter is this these boys wrote this song back in 1995 when they had barely hit puberty. I don't see too many young musician these days writing their own song. I've tried listening to Hanson's other songs but they are a little to sot for my taste. But I can honestly tell you that whenever I need to put myself in a good mood and I happen to be driving alone in my car I will play "MMMbop" or "Where's the Love".

I remember back in 1997 I was going to the supermarket at the corner of Devonshire St and Mason Ave. in Chatsworth I noticed a production crew that were doing some filming. One of the film crew members said that they were doing video shoot for Hanson. It turns out that they were filming for MMBop's music know that part where they were rollerskating in the shopping plaza....that's what i'm talking about I also saw a bunch of other scenes in the MMBop video that was filmed at my old neighborhood (Chatsworth, CA)...but the one scene that stood out the most was the part when they were sitting at the bus was right across the street from my old elementary school (Chatsworth Park Elementary) at the corner of Devonshire St. and Topanga Cyn Blvd.

This song now has a special place in my heart mainly because it reminds me of my childhood days growing up in Chastsworth.

Hanson V. Justin Bieber | Reviewer: K | 10/1/11

I personally think both Hanson and Justin Bieber are talented. And for anyone to say, that Justin Bieber doesn't "still" have musical talent is ridiculous because he hasn't had a chance to grow up. I'm positive that Justin will still have the same musical talent later, that he has now. Very talented!

Nostalgic! | Reviewer: Fio11 | 5/9/11

I've heard this for 10years ago(i'm 18 now) and it always streaming out inside my mind...
And i only knew the title a few days ago... Lol
My dad n I awe The Hanson so badly!
They're more than JoBros or even J.Bieber! ^^

HANSON | Reviewer: amber | 3/25/11

i been listening to this song since i was young my mom was insanely crazy about it until now but i still love this band! and until today i knew all the right lyrics haha i guess i always the beat it had and is a fun song!!!This band still never gets too old for me:D

Wow | Reviewer: Haley | 1/20/11

Haha I heard this song on TED FM (radio station) a few months ago. Then I recently heard just a few days ago. I was kinda in love with the song, so it was burning my mind to find the song (when it played on the radio, both times, there was no artist or song title).

I did today and found out it was by Hanson. I was born in the 90s and never heard the song until now, thinking it was fresh music. And it sounds fresh, lol.

Weird, before finding out the artist, I thought it was some rare, unheard, vintage Jonas Brothers track, in a good way, from back in '05, '06.


To the writer of =) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/10

Actually they do have that kind of legacy! Unlike Justin Bieber who you compared them to, this group of guys have grown up to be some of the most musically talented people around. They have shifted to a christian rock more now, but they are a thoroughly talented group of musicians. And when they wrote MmmBop they all had hit PUBERTY lets get the spelling right. Justin Bieber doesn't have as much talent as all three of the Hanson brothers poop out each day. Please writer of =) lets get a little music fact before you spew nonsense please!

=) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/10

this song is like the "Baby" (by Justin Bieber of course) of the late 90s. Popular, with young male voice that has not hit pubity and really, really annoying because it has only been played a million times. I found out about this song because it was in a text in an English textbook for god's sake. Does it have this kind of a legacy???

hanson | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/10

To Taylor.... you are cute and i am now a fan of yours now... if it waz it for my best firend who live rite down the street from me..... i would never listen your songs..... i love the new cd....... keep them come and i still love mmmbop..... peace love and hanson......

MMMbop--Hanson F.P/1996 | Reviewer: Aelion | 7/19/10

This is, for I atleast, the most influential song of the 90's. It describes the power of friendship exactly, or atleast for the most part... and that of one's childhood. Believing that you cannot always hang on empty promises and lousy excuses is something that can change a person and make them look at the world differently. There's certainly that special quality about both the iconic title "MMMBop", and the members of Hanson themselves. It takes and shows courage. Bravo.

happy nostalgia | Reviewer: joan shaw | 10/26/09

this song combined happiness and nostalgia in a rather unique way, its a teen song, thats not an opinion, its a fact, how it manages that, I dont know, the video doesnt do it any harm either, the lads skateboarding, gives the whole package a unique "coolness", the whole thing is perfect

House, M.D. | Reviewer: keshun | 10/5/09

i had not heard this tune for years until an episode of House, M.D. from last season in which Cuddy & Wilson drug & abduct House to his father's funeral. En route, House awakens & keeps getting paged by his team. They used the chorus of this smarmy song as their ringtone. The piece is harmless enough, & the message is naïve & innocent, but it is a bit cloying & sickly-sweet like some of the early stuff by the Jackson 5, the Osmonds, the Partridge Family & other 1970s kiddy groups.

Donations please?!?! | Reviewer: amanda | 9/24/09

Our high school played this song over the intercom during passing periods until they raise $1200 for the Local Food Pantry. They're just trying to annoy us into donating...and sadly, it's working :(. This song isn't the most annoying one they could've picked, but it's definately in the running for one.