alright alright... | Reviewer: -cool person, (-8 | 6/27/07

we all know that mmm bop is a cool song, n that'll never change.
the coolest thing in the world---> mmm bop!! ((next to myself))

MMMBOP | Reviewer: 123 | 6/18/07

i love this song! its catchy and makes you smile everytime you here it! 5 stars!

Its more than awesome | Reviewer: Manik | 6/13/07

when i hear this song it reminds me of childhood and i feel so great ...

Wowie wow wowzers | Reviewer: Ooh, snake! | 6/4/07

I love the last line of the second verse. I'm gay too, Taylor. Hey sailor!

oh yeah baby | Reviewer: clint lamarsh | 5/31/07

i love this song ! very much .. it makes me happy . oh yeah im gay !!!! :) hehehe
my names clint lamarsh i live in wallaceburg im almost 16 im in grade 10 at wdss .. call me !

argh | Reviewer: Spice | 5/20/07

This is sorta scary when they recorded this song Zach (the youngest) looks exactley like me!!! And im a chick!!!

sexxii | Reviewer: anna | 5/18/07

hanson! :) u rock girl ! i appsalutely luv ur song! it shuld be nuimba 1 in the top 40! hell mmmbop diba do

Hanson Fan 4 Ever | Reviewer: Brooke | 5/7/07

Hanson was the first actuall band I liked and this song was my childhood anthem. I grew up with Hanson and went to every one of there concerts when they were near me. I love this song and it will NEVER get old. =]

Sigmund get a life. | Reviewer: Wolfpack | 4/25/07

The real meaning of the song per wikipedia is
the song's lyrics talk about the transient and unpredictable nature of friendship, referring to how friendships come and go in an "MMMBop", meaning a short period of time. The song therefore urges listeners to "hold on to the ones who really care. In the end they'll be the only ones there".

Think a little deeper | Reviewer: Sigmund | 4/24/07

This song is about the Hanson brothers wanting to mmmmm-bop their mom. Think about it. Also the verse lyrics are so ridiculous that I would think a 8 year old wrote them. Probably written while they were mmmm-bopping on the toilet.

I love Hanson!!! | Reviewer: Jeff Deane | 4/3/07

MMMBop is my fav song in the world! I heart Taylor from Hanson, he is so sexy and turns me on in the music video! I love the forever!1111111111

Extortion! | Reviewer: CHS | 3/2/07

Our High School's student council has decided to play this 1 song in between every class, before and after lunch, and before and after school over the entire school intercom until they can raise $1,000 for the March of Dimes. HAIL KATE!

WOW | Reviewer: Meredith | 2/16/07

I have always loved the Hansons! They have so much talent and I love all their songs, especially MMMbop! You guys rock and should continue to write more songs!

WOWSERzzzz | Reviewer: marsha | 2/18/07

boi howdee. 1. this song sounds pritie and everyonn els thinks so 2. 2. it has made me always happy and bright. 3. and touch the lives of so many pppl. thanks yu 4 redin my wurdz. hop they mak u as happi as this song make me. and others.

<3 marsha xoxoxo

LOVE IT | Reviewer: liz | 2/12/07

i looooooooooooove this song! i always smile when i hear it! MMMbop FOREVER!! woot! Woot!