lovin´ it 4ever:) | Reviewer: LittlePrincess | 8/24/09

I heard this song at last probably 10 years ago, i was just a little child, but now, when i´m a big child i still love this song and the hanson:)
i hope, they will never stop singing, ´cause the are great:)

MMMBop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/09

I Think this is an awesome song to learn there are already people who are trying to play it right on their instrument and people who have awesome instruments and are just looking through the computer and just saying they are going to look like that and they are going to sing like that but the people that say that are never going to be what they want if they don't start now they may just think they can become what Hanson is in a few days and just play a little melody and say I'm going to be on TV tomorrow because i played in public for 30 minutes! but that is not going to happen if you are not going to work hard! anyway awesome... just awesomely awesome!!!

^_____^ makes me happy!!! | Reviewer: Julia | 2/21/09

i love this song because it's aimed at young teens, and while it explores the topics appealing to them, it stays upbeat and child-like in many ways. very catchy and just a happy song .. makes my face go ^_______^ MMMbop

This rock | Reviewer: Ivanel "flappyx" Lamas | 11/10/08

This song remind me a
lot a much things like
my infancies when i
hear this song i was
have like 5 years im
living in venezuela and
nobody know that song
im thing nobody else
can' tell me im know
that song but well i
love it and that make
me fell really good is
like hear James Brown
or soothing like that'.
Cya friends bye bye.. (:
P.D: im stell have the
cassette of the band im
im know that is a
fortune to me (: wii.. Im
love this guys (: wiii

Reminds me of Rockin Robin | Reviewer: How cheerful song | 10/20/08

Well maybe M Jackson turned out a little bit odd But for extreme delight and energy and the phenomenon of a band with several members of the same family like Jackson 5 I can't think of very many bands like that. Maybe some of Hansen will get to be so successful like that.

Classic song of the 90s | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/08

I grew up listening to Hanson.
At the time it was always Hanson vs. Spice Girls and no one could be on both sides. I was a Hanson lover through and through!
This song is such a classic and basically defines the 90s for me. So great, and I can't wait to see them in concert in a few weeks! :-)

Great catchy tune | Reviewer: Ashley | 8/14/08

These guys are filthy rich; why keep showering them with praise? They're helping to widen the gap between the financial elites and you.
Their behavior when off stage reminds me of the Jonas Brothers; careless, self-centered, and severely lacking in core values.
Anyway, catchy tune!

hotties | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/08

omg they are like wicked good. ik they are sooo much older now and i think i have wives but... they are wicked hot. and i bet cha back in there day whenn they were wicked popular.. girls were most likly drowling over them like me lol <33

even if you dont read | Reviewer: stacey | 7/2/08

wow for a very long time i been really meaning to meet you guys.you guys were a big hit... to tell you the truth am only 14 yers old... and not a lot of people think that music back then is cool or anything. but they are wrong and you guys are a great rollmodels for good music and even if i didnt really know your names i always love your music exspecially mmmbop! maybe you guys won't read this or ever care but you guys are the most talented people now and your music should live and be heard forever! keep on rocking! and i think taylor and zac are really cute now an before(insider)lol an mmmbop is really good and even if i just didnt really understand the song now i do and it takes only real smart poeple to have wrote it and it takes really open minded poeple to have sang it!

frankie giordino | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/08

ew.ew.ew.ew.ew. they're guys!!!!!!!!!!!! ew, if you have a wife, you better tell her now that you're gay and thought about a child doing a strip tease. i'm sorry, but you've just crossed the line there. and even though i listen to rock most of the time, i think this song is totally awesome. its so lively!

Hard to track, this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/08

wow, when i first heard this song, i went mental over it, and then never heard it again for a while. i spent ages looking for it until a friend of mine came in singing it and i immediately jumped up saying "What's that song called!?" and he goes "MMbop by Hanson". the first thing i did when i got home was get on you tube and watch the vid

MMMbop | Reviewer: Lynn | 3/29/08

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! This song rox my sox. I love all their other songs, but this one is the bestest one ever! Now Isaac, Taylor, and Zac are like in their twenties and others stuff, but I think they were WAYYYYYYY cuter when the were younger. They look ugly now, no offense to those who think they are cute (now). Zac is and always will be my favorite, but Taylor's hair (when he was younger) was really cute!

To the Frankie Giordino (anonymous) freak | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/08

You need counseling dude, the sweet little girl you pleasured yourself to is a boy. Oh and by the way, you are one sick puppy, no wonder you hide behind your computer to post disgusting messages. The song is innocent and has a really positive vibe...wish there were more bands aimed at young teens like this one.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/08

hanson is awesome and those who think their not can suck a cats balls becuz they rock and ur jealous of their hair their ten times the man ull ever be and thier soooo HOTT and THEYRE NOT GIRLS THEYRE GUYS! and really hott guys at that. and 50 year old guy who touches himself to that kinda music ur sick ur seriously messed up and u need to go to therapy and get a life ur a freak and i hope a fangirl smacks u over the head with a hanson album and takes away all of urs so u cant touch yourself i may be the only one typing this but we all were thinking this

Frankie Giordino | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/08

I remember I totally used to beat off to the thought of that little girl in their band doing strip-teases. She's SOOOOOOOOO fucking hot I can't stand it. I love this song!!!!