Luf it "squee" | Reviewer: Steph | 9/18/07

I love this song sooooo much, but the chorus infuriates me cause i can't sing along without getting lost aaaah. It's like Mmmbop ba di bop ba er... Mmmbop?

THE BEST SONG EVER | Reviewer: shelby | 9/3/07

omg.. i love this song song soo much! now, i'm gonna go and join every single group about hanson on facebook :D

quite cool | Reviewer: monica | 9/3/07

I'm 20 years old so, consequently, this song has nothing to do with my childhood:P...but I still like it because it makes me smile. And I think the lyrics are great...the message is great

Desperately seeking....Hanson | Reviewer: Amber | 9/3/07

Im going to see them in concert in about a month, I love Hanson! But no one else seems to feel that way. All my friends used to crowd around and sing their songs to our hearts content, but nobody will go to the concert with me. They are all lame. So Im going by myself! Cant wait!!

Favorite | Reviewer: Paulina Kay | 8/31/07

I remember when i was a kid, i really loved this song, and i still do so i got it for my Ipod! i remember that me and my friends used to pretend we where the hansons and that we sung thin song.. i think i'll never let it go.. <33

memorys | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/07

I remember wen i was a kid and requesting this song at the sate rink, and everyone skating around listening to this song...good times...still love it...never can get the mmmbop part right haha

the message | Reviewer: Jennifer | 8/27/07

i listened to this song soooo long ago n i really didnt get the message... now i listened to this song n i realize how cool the message really is n what thur tryin to say!! n i love it!

wierd | Reviewer: vanessa | 8/23/07

its wierd how much hated this song when it came out, but i just listned to it not 5 minutes ago and its really a good song.

love it | Reviewer: kari | 8/15/07

its a classic that you cant call old because the beat is good! im one who's into rap, but this is a great song ive known my entire life!

aww MMMBop! | Reviewer: The Frumious Bandersnatch | 7/25/07

I actually didn't like the Hansons when they were popular, probably because they were over played. Now that I've started to revisit them, I really like them. This song has a great message!

Love This song! :) | Reviewer: Tennille | 7/14/07

Wow!! this song brings back memories from when i was little, makes me smile all the time i still love them i want there new album :) lol

i am happy | Reviewer: naomi | 7/16/07

i get so happy when i hear this song. i love to listen to it when i am lonely or whenever. you have good taste in music. its moving and fills you up with joy and energy. thank you

cute thing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/07

i love s old...silly...but it makes u smile...and the hottest brother had this cute he has grown up...quite in a good looking way and his voice still them

10 years & i still love it. | Reviewer: Krissy | 7/10/07

MMMBop is my favourite song. :) this song makes me smile. you can`t help but to sing it. i can`t believe that they`re all married.
don`t freeakin` hate on hanson, they`re the besssssst ; SZEEEEN?!

love it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/07

love it! my mom used to play this with me and my sister and we would always sing along! it brings back great memories!