maybe wrong? | Reviewer: Natasha | 2/16/10

Ive listened to this song many times and after reading your lyrics I think there may be a slight error.

In the verse that starts "I heard your moving van" The line I think is "You can't LEAVE with them, you can't live without them"

I may be wrong but that's always the way I thought of it...I think it means more that way.

lyrics | Reviewer: andie | 10/21/09

have to read and listen intently to know what their songs are about. even then,sometimes its really hard to understand if theres hidden meaning. i love these kinda lyrics. sounds mysterious and interpreted many ways.. good on ya boys! <3

Hanson Will Always Stay! | Reviewer: Kayleigh Garcia | 4/17/08

I have been a Hanson fan since I first heard their song MMMBop. I think I saw them that summer in Disney World. I really couldn't tell then, but I figured it out when I got back from vacation that summer. I am so glad they have a new album and yes, they are the best! They are the reason music was made long long ago, because of talent. And they never lost it. All these new people coming in with the same beat and the same words have got nothing on these guys. Hanson, live on!

Amazing! | Reviewer: Hetty Bobcat | 3/18/08

This song is so beautiful, I can't get it out of my head!
It has certainly renewed that adoration for Hanson's music
that I guess I never really lost.
Zac's voice has changed and now I think they could probably
get the respect as musicians that I think they very much
deserve! I have found I love all the songs on this album!

Hanson IS the BEST band in the whole WORLD! | Reviewer: Jayme Stephens | 1/16/08

And THIS is one of the greatest songs ever written and performed! Seeing it live was beyond incredible, the lyrics are great and the band is timeless.

zac is fanstastic | Reviewer: thea | 11/3/07

zac's voice has changed for the best! i remember him singing 'lucy' in middle of nowhere and it was cute then. but boy, oh boy how hot his voice has gotten!

Go! | Reviewer: V | 10/31/07

I totally agree, Zac's voice sounds totally awesome. This is quality music. Not that all the other stuff is bad, it's just that they really scored some points with this one! Taylor's voice, or better to say manner of singing hasn't really changed, which is also great. But for this specific song Zac fits the best!!!
The guys rule!

beautiful song | Reviewer: melissatrewern | 7/24/07

Zac sounds very mature and grown up in this beautiful peice of music. i think hanson have come along way since their begining! Lovely song as for Ike and tay lovely music you're playing!!!
so touching!! bye

I love Zac's voice and him too | Reviewer: Kate | 6/27/07

I think is great that they finally let gorgeous Zac sing, his voice is amazing, is so cute and sounds OMG I can't even describe what it makes me feel. The whole album is great and yes Zac sings most of the songs isn't that awesome?? Hanson rules!!

=) | Reviewer: .. | 6/19/07

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