i love hanson | Reviewer: iris | 6/13/07

this is a amazing song! i love it! i just can say that zac is beautiful and sing awesome!!!}

i love zac!

freaking amazing! | Reviewer: Jenny | 5/2/07

zach sounds amazing. im so proud of him! all grown up!! hehe. GREAT song. HOT video. but taylor needs to shave.

awesome | Reviewer: nicole | 5/2/07

it's been a long wait and to finally hear zac's voice again...well it's been worth it.

Go! | Reviewer: Jen | 4/21/07

OMG - Zac is AMAZING! I LOVE this song! Please listen to it and support Hanson, they are amazing! <3

Go!! | Reviewer: Jesaac | 2/13/07

Beautiful song, Zac has such a great vocal! Their music lives on!! Hanson i love you!! xxxx

Go | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/07

this is an amazing song. the video is awesome

the walk | Reviewer: B | 2/12/07

this is coming out on the walk album, great tune

Go - Hanson | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/06

I was never able to find a full version of the song only parts of it but from what I have heard of it, it's a great song. Hanson is unbelievable and Zac sounds great.

Zachary Walker<3 | Reviewer: Kristin | 11/19/05

Go is an amazing song- Zac's vocals are unbelievable! He's such a great singer. Hanson is my favorite band ever- listen to them!!