Reviews for Don't You Ever Leave Me Lyrics

Performed by Hanoi Rocks

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i agree wiith trevorr | Reviewer: maya | 11/2/2008

trevor im the same as you, iv just turned 15 and im listning to pretty much all the same bands and more older stuff.

I talk to my dad about music because i like loads of stuff from whenn he was sorta young.
I doubt if i have kids they will ever talk to me about the music from my time because its all so crap.

great song | Reviewer: trevor | 7/7/2008

my band holly wood wants to do a cover of this song its a ausome song theres no more bands like hanio rocks any more now its just like the jonas brotehrs and all that shit im 14 years old and i listen to music thats older then my self like motley crue guns n roses hanoi rocks la guns faster pussycat and music like that i wish these guys would make a new album

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