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Performed by Hannah Montana

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awsome song | Reviewer: hanna | 3/29/08

i love this song it is so cool i have it on tooth tunes and i have it on my ipod and mp3 and i always sing it in class and everybody stares at me like am crazy by the time i am at if you only knew the real me i might even be a rock they would be say what now i am like yeah.

Hannah Montana reals you are the best | Reviewer: Beata | 3/26/08

Hannah you rock. I think you are the best also when you sang with the Jonas Brothers.DO you still like Nick Jonas and are boyfirend and girlfirend he is quit can you send me tickets and autograph signed not so it will cost and not that much.PLEASE Iam your biggesst fan Please.

She's awesome | Reviewer: Nerwel | 3/22/08

In my school there's this guy who liked me, then my best friend, and now likes me again. He is so cute and my friend thinks so too. Also I'm singing this song at my concert tonight. At 6:45. Hannah Montana Rocks. Just like her song. In my school my friend and I are the most popular girls in my school. And I have brown hair like Miley and my friend has Blonde hair like Lily. Don't forget, just on Wednesday, a new kid came to my class and he looks exactly like Rico. He even acts like it too. Scary!

:-( | Reviewer: Deanna | 3/3/08

Hannah Montana is for [young] girls who are too young to listen to anything else. She doesn't deserve to have her own show, let alone and album.
NONE of this would have happened if she wasn't the daughter or Billy Ray Cyrus...

Wow | Reviewer: Missy | 2/23/08

I love this song. You see I'm going thru the smae thing right now. I kinda like a boy but he doesn't like me or maybe he does but he has a girlfriend. And it all started when They were sitting together on the bus and I said how cute they would bee together. And when I told them this It's just to hide my true feelings. I tease them sort of but he enjoys it. Because of their kissing and all. So please help. If you can message me at

HANNAH MONTANNA SUCKS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/08

Hannah montana is for girls who don't want to listen to actual music but instead want to hear a *bubble* *gum* *sugar* *queen* who can't do anything but sing through her nose. She doesn't deserve to have a TV show let alone an album. She wouldn't have gotten either is she wasn't the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus. She is the worst composer (if you can even call her that) i have ever heard and may god have mercy on her talentless soul.

omg!!! | Reviewer: kyla | 2/17/08

theres this guy at skool and he like totaly likes me and u can tell and ya so my friends went up to him and were like ya wanna go out with kyla and he said ok??? and so ya and i luv this song!!!!!1

advice | Reviewer: chelsea | 12/29/07

hey hannah. I like this boy but he is 3 years older than me.My cousin talked to him and found out that he is CRAZY about me.The problem is that I am a little shy to talk to him.Any advice? Please E-mail me at

yo. | Reviewer: weee. | 12/27/07

All my friends and I love Hannah Montana. Our school's like in a HM craze right now. Lol, even though it's highschool, the entire school loves her. Theres kids in the junior class who are like, trying to get a plane ticket to Hollywood so they can meet her, and in hopes to someday marry her. (A stretch, I know, but hey, they can have dreams can't they?) Well, personally I like One in a Million and True Friend the best, but I'm going to have to say Rockstar is one of my favories also. Great song! Keep up the good work Miley!


i like this by nmed travis and i heard the news that were moving!!!!!!!!!!! and were moving to aikin thats 3 hours apart!!! now were up here and i want to move back!!!! but my mom says were going to visit red wing agian in the summer but how can i see him i dont know were h lives what sould i do? by the way the best song ever! send back!

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