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nakshijaaaa | Reviewer: nakshije | 3/31/11

Hannah i really love you,you are the best of all... i`m from albania and i learn in school this language`english` i like you`re songs and rhymes too.I like to meet you maybe one day but for mee is just one enderr . bye hannah ...


my dear sweet mieley & hannah i am debarati chatterjee studying in last year.i am a huge fan of yours.last year my friend told me about you.after seeing your movie and episodes and specially after hearing your songs i become an extreme fan of yours.i am a normal home singer,song is my lyfe.and every song of yours are just have become a very important part of my lyfe i want to see you once in my life.i speciallylove you as look so sweet and simple in that which i am.i wantto be your friend.i livein pleasetel me how can i keep contact with you.this is a request to you.i want your success will reach at the top.wishes are with you.reply soon.

i am your biggest fan | Reviewer: shreya sanyal | 3/17/11

hi hannah i am ur biggest fan ican tell ur all song ;;; he could be the one, its all right here,fly on the wall, lets do this ,if we were the movie,this is the life ,true friend,break out , 7 things,other side of me,the girl just wanna have fun,right here,g.n.o,iwanna now u,climd ,howndown,ice cream freez , and i love u a lot u are a fabuless person u r like a god to me hannah ilove u hannh i wish i can see your concert and have a autograph ... i dont have ur no. ... can u call me onec at 9953221169 or 9953236907 or 9871499840 or 9313347368 plzzzzzzzz call me hannah if u callme my dream will came true hannah my god plz call me

super duper hannah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/11

My Dear Hannah,
I am a big fan of yours. I like your dressing more than your singing. Really hanna I Love You so much. My ambition is to become like you. How popular you are! Really you are very very very lucky. Bye.......

Sweet Friend | Reviewer: Nupur | 2/20/11

Hey Hannah I like u so Much.I'm in 3rd std. I saw all ur episode of Hannah Montana On Disney. I like ur Frnd Lily also. I like ur quality in d show is u want to live like a simple person. I saw ur all d episode so i felt like u r my best frnd & i meet u everyday. So my sweet frnd HAVE A GOOD DAY.I hope i'm going to be ur best frnd just like LILY
ur best frnd NUPUR
from INDIA

mind blowing | Reviewer: sadia | 2/12/11

yuo know that i am the biggest and craziest fan for u ilove ur songs and movies you are a hero you r the fantastic teenager ur outfits r amazing my family loves u my cousins also loves u .because u r the wonderful celebrity i have ur posters and ur outfits ur song best of both world is amazing loving smiley and cute qualities r in u. i love more u not selena love uuuuuu...

heey | Reviewer: angela | 1/24/11

Im ur numba 1 biggest fan eva<333 i know everything bout u i have everything bout u i listen 2 ur music everyday u rock i hope 1 day that i can go 2 ur consert nd get a autograph nd take a picture with u it would mean the world 2 me u have soo much talent u got a good voice i wish i had the same voice as u u r soo lucky ur a singer ur dream came true i love ur music i like the climb life what you make it i love all ur music i watched all ur epsidoes iam goin 2 watch hannahmontana the movie u rock

realllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy cooooolllllll | Reviewer: anuradati | 1/11/11

hannah montana or destiny hope cyrus i love you want to meet you but cant now still im your biggest fan ever ive bought many goodies of yours and the biggest thing ive copied your handwriting also . i know you are realllly busy but please try to read my mail .anuradati from india

My opinion on Hannah Montana | Reviewer: miguel | 1/8/11

Well first of all my greetings. Recently I started to watch episodes of hannah Montana Once I started I could not stop him despite not know her very well. And Evista other critics and websites very rude. But this is my opinion I think Hannah is a great person and you get very far in life as an actress and singer. Hannah if you look you see that I tell you never give up for anything.

hannah montana is the best | Reviewer: aastha | 12/27/10

dear hannah i am ur huge fan since i was 7.My biggest dream is to meet u once .I have a collection of many things of hannah montana pencil box, lunch box, bag, purce and etc.I want to be ur biggest fan. ur my idol . I know u'll b busy but please mail me in my id. whenever i am sad i listen only ur songs .u r the best.i m planning to visit america only for you . by and please mail meee.. have a nice day

HANNAH MONTANA IS THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS........ | Reviewer: Gowri Parvathy | 12/10/10

My dearest Hannah Montana,

Hi. My name is Gowri Parvathy and Iam studying in class 7th.I am a great fan of yours. If any of your stuffs are there in any shopes I wiil surely buy it. I am really knowing about you by my classmate Ria Susan Viju. Bye..........

i love u very very very very very very very much | Reviewer: hareem | 10/28/10

i am your the most most biggest and smallest fan ever.listen carefully what i want u to eplain;and then answer me please.promise me. love is heat,heat is sweet,went to meet, love is complete. i am sure u will answer me soon.i thought you as a kind hearted look much nice in simple clothes,my only request from u is thatplease only wear simple clothes,dont see what others wear,it doesnt mean that who ever would wear fancy type of clothes would become the famous singer,clothing doesnt mean anything,u just beleive in yourself,thanks.

hai i m the biggest fan of hannah | Reviewer: bulbul | 10/24/10

i want to say that u concentrate on your career dont think about boys because when u get true love so he loved u not because of your popularity and to find a true is difficult so when he come, he come at t5hat time listen what your daddy say because he always love u and the time is that when u think about so may be one day u lose your career so only think about your career not think about anything

My dream to meet my smiley | Reviewer: chandra lekha | 10/12/10

hi hannah (miley) iam chandu iam the biggest craziest fan your ever had i have all your pousters,albums,statioary,etc.i know have many fans like me but i want you to know that we think you are the best of all singers.i and my friends rehana,bhanu,alekhya are mad of you.i think many habits of you and me are wish is to meet you atleast once in my life and listen to your concert and take your autograph then i will the most happiest.plz.. give me a reply plz.if you can plz tell me your cell no. i sware not to tell anyone love you.....

I love You Hannah montanna | Reviewer: Aleen Khanzada | 10/5/10

i love you hannah montana i love your songs i love your outfits im crazy about you im biggest biggest biggest fan of you and craziest fan of you i wish i could meet you. im planning to visit america only for you.
plz plz plz plz reply my email.

you are beautiful beautiful girl.

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