hey hannah | Reviewer: *m* | 6/23/07

my little sis is a massive fan of urs and so am i
:)i luv ur songs and luv ur new series on telly. watched it this morning where Rico helps Miley out on Bilology and she helps him out in Art. found it fabulous
loads of luv 2 u, brandy and ur dad

Hannah Montana ROCKS!! | Reviewer: Elle | 6/19/07

OMG!! Hannah you ROCK. you beat all the other artists out there. i am your biggest fan and i am just Obsessest with you new album!! keep on rockin!

nobodys perfect | Reviewer: erica | 6/18/07

hi hannah my name is erica and im hear to tell you that when you sing hannah montana song thats nobody is perfect well yeah nobody is perfect and your cool and wish you were my sister
lol your awsome

------ About the song Nobody's Perfect performed by Hannah Montana | Reviewer: darian | 5/30/07

i LUV miley she rocks. i like this song cause it tells us that we should nvr give up even in bad times and look on da brighter side of life
cant wait fer 2nd album

please help!!!!! | Reviewer: emily | 5/27/07

please help!!!!!!I really want to become an actress and a singer can you plz make a myspace and add me catloverxprincessx101@yahoo.com i really want to become an actress and a singer plz help me!!!!! your biggest fan i always wanted to become an actress and a singer.

miley | Reviewer: camryn | 5/28/07

your song s rock espesially nobodys perfect,if we were a movie,i learned from you and i got nerve

i want to be a actor and a singer just like you | Reviewer: emily | 5/27/07

hello i want to be an actor and a singer just like you your my biggest fan make more shows and sing tons of new songs i love your high school shows I LOVE YOU MILEY/HANNAH!

WOW! | Reviewer: deanndra | 5/25/07

My friend gerald luv u hannah all he do is going aroung saying i luv hannah she is fine. can u please come see him if u can.

it helps me get throw the hard times. | Reviewer: shaquira | 5/17/07

hi, hannah i love your new song nobody's perfect cause know one's perceft fursure so i really love your new song whenever i feel like i can't do anything i put on your cd and dance around and i shout I CAN DO IT! so thanks your biggest fan! shaquira gibbs.

Saba ALI | Reviewer: Mellisa | 5/15/07

hEY hANNAH i LOVE YOUR sONG AND mY FRIENDS love it too and so go ahead a make more songs