best of all singer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/10

dear hannah you are the best singer in whole world my bedroom is full of you. i like your songs very much. my dad works in america my dad brings many toys from can we become good

Hey waz up!!! | Reviewer: Mariah | 4/3/08

I luv you songs at first i thought you were a little stuck up Brat and then i stared listening to your songs and your just like everyone else!!! You the best!!!! I AM YOU 1 FAN (seriously you should see my room)!!!!!
your #1 Fan,
p.s Email me back if you have time i will understand if you don't.

hey.......frend.... | Reviewer: mary claire | 2/21/08

you know im a filipina.... 12 years old girl...
really like your songs and your voice too....
i want to see if you REPLY ME AT THIZZ email....
i like to be your good friend i am friendly...
if you are nice to me...
hehe really ijm a friendly....
i have a friend from indonesia named monica and melissa, become my bestfriend in friendster and yahoo messenger....
ohh do you have any friendster??
add me at this email:
just want to be your bestfriend in fs...
hehe plsssss....

peka | Reviewer: yolndia | 1/17/08

hannah you are so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all of your songs!!!!!! I'm even trying to get money 4 your concert. I seen every one of your shows!! I watch Hannbah Montana everyday!!!!!!!! You're just awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U ROCK HANNAH | Reviewer: maddie M. | 12/29/07

what up hannah don`t listen to those other people
just listen to me here is what a real friend will say"i will always respect you and never back talking to you email me back


I love your songs!!!!! | Reviewer: Ella Lamb | 12/28/07

I love nobody's Perfect!!It's so awesome!!!!!!! I'm your #1 fan! and i didn't know that you had a sister named Destiny. I love your show it's really cool from,Ella me back

Loving You! | Reviewer: Seema | 12/11/07

Hannah montana my name is seema and i love your songs. they make me feel so good. i sometimes feel like i want to be a singer too. My sisters and i love you so much and want to meet you. we sing your songs all the time and are really big fans! Anyway please please please write us back. We love you

U ROCK! | Reviewer: Quynh Nhu | 12/8/07

dear hannah,
ur are one of the best singer in the whole world! i think the best songs u ever made are True Friend and Nobody's Perfect. I really hope u will keep on making great songs!
P.S. I am a girl and i know my name is hard 2 say.
love u.

miley i love this song | Reviewer: brooke wable | 12/8/07

hey miley i have a question do u know trevor teally cause he tells me he knows u and yall talk just say it on one of u're show u know are not say it before the show starts

LOVE YOU | Reviewer: Chloe | 11/25/07

Dear Hannah, you are so very amazing! I love all of your songs, your voice is amazing. You should PLEASE send me and email. I love your music, and I think your t.v show is cool. PLEASE REPLY!