Your rocking concerts! | Reviewer: Sami | 11/8/07

You rock but there should be live shows of yours abroad like india and london because its not always possible for people to come in the US. well anyways i love your songs and i hope you look forward in my message of making concerts in other countries. bye!!!

dude | Reviewer: mandi | 10/22/07

Hannah montana ok you are like 15 years old but you still sing songs for knis that are like 10 years old. my little brother, marcus loves your music and because of you he wants to be a girl hannah montana go back to school and see that you should sing stuff for kids your own age

U DA BOMB*!!!! | Reviewer: Cindra Ginter | 10/17/07

Miley I luv ur songs I always sing them when im feelin down they always have a posotive message
keepup the fantabulus job chica! hugs and kisses
peace love and happieness :) remember SAVE THE MANATEES! love u always Hanah

IM HER #1 FAN~ DEFF. !! | Reviewer: Sarah N. | 10/9/07

Hey Miley...all those other FREAKS that say thr ur #1 ..thr full of it...BIG TIME... i bet thr fat and ugly...<3 u the best, im listening to true friend right now..Im deff. ur true friend?? not LESley a lesbo???prolly...well just saying all those other dip shit heads dont love u more than me...r u a les?? cuz we could get MARRIED *** yummy <3 u rock my world... call me I wanna meet u XOXO Serah of Awsome World !@#$%^&YU*

hey miley | Reviewer: ashley blank | 9/22/07

I love this song.I sing it all the time in school and then i don`t payatenshin.Thats kind a bad.But i can`t help it it`s just a good song.IM your number 1# fan.I LOVE YOU.Ps email me back. Love you Miley.

From Ashley

Hannah,I love your songs!!!! | Reviewer: Marilyn | 9/13/07

If you ever read this Hannah Montana,I just want to say I wish I could meet you!Miley,I really love your singing,and it would be nice if you could write more songs with your sister Destiny.
she writes good songs:) (im not saying that you don't)Well,anyway,Hugs & butterflys,your BIGGEST #1 fan Marilyn Jean M.;)

Awesome | Reviewer: Morgan Harris | 9/8/07

Hannah I love your songs my name is Morgan and I am trying to live up to my dream to become a singer. You are my role model.

want to meet you | Reviewer: beija | 8/30/07

i went to the internet if i could find tickets to see you in harford because your doing a concert their i wanted to go but it was to expencive i just wanted to tell you make your price lower i know you want be rich but som other people want to see your concert and every body that goes to your concerts are making you rich cause all the money they pay to see you all the money goes to you so at least try to make the pricies lower cause i wanted to see you i am a girl my name is hard to say but since your going to perform in hartford i couldn't go so i wanted to hear you sing from outside of the building and when all the fans leave wanted to me meet you. p.s. i want you to be my friend on my space and my user name is you can serch for me by that name i hope you read this

Hannah Montana Rocks | Reviewer: Miley | 8/28/07

Well I know Mley a.k.a. Hannah Montana but I met you once I was the that went to your concert and I was wearing a hannah montana concert wig

i love you hannah montana | Reviewer: Kate | 8/27/07

Hannah you are so cool.I'm your bigest fan i have posters of you all over my room.I wish i could sing with you but i know thats not going to happen.Kate