? | Reviewer: Maddison | 11/14/10


Me and on eof my friends are singing your song,'just like you' and 'rockstar'. Do you have any tips for me? I understand if you don't email me, you don't even know me! haha. I love ALL of your songs an dthink you are SO awesome an dthe best singer ever!

Maddison Furley

I love YOU !!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: lisa | 1/10/08

dear Miley i listen to all of your songs watch all your eposides of hannah Montanna i am one of your biggest fans..... i hope i visit u someday and plz if i cant plz come visit me it will be my dream come true........

i'm hopless | Reviewer: val | 1/3/08

Hi hannah,i'm a girl just like another.Your songs are great i bet loads of people say that so why no forget it.I wish i had a dream i wish i could be like you i can sing well but i don't think anyone would want to hear me sing.
wish you luck

I LOVE YOU!!! | Reviewer: vanessa | 1/1/08

Miley, you are like the best person in the whole entire world...haha! I know that I don't know you but i have like every song of yours on my ipod and i have like only had it for like 2 weeks! haha! I really like your show and think that you should keep following your dreams no matter what it takes....I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!

hi Hannah | Reviewer: Robyn Webster | 9/8/07

Hello Hannah, I just want to say hello and I love your songs. One day I want to sing just like you!
Robyn Webster

u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: melissa | 9/6/07

hey miley
ur simply the best . i like ur voice its to gooooooooooooood i like to hear ur soundtracks. i hav a desire ,i want u to come to INDIA at least once . hope u will be fine. bye

you rock | Reviewer: miley#1fan | 8/15/07

hi miley or hannah i just want to let you know you are so cool i am your #1 fan you rock the world. i love you new c.d. i love the song just like you and nobody's perfect by you. i can't wait to see you in concert. you'r dad is cool to.keep pn rocking in california.

just like you is cooool | Reviewer: simran | 8/10/07

i am just like you miley.....this song suits hannah montana like anything!!!i am a true miley cyrus fan....'just like you' is one of the song that i always keep humming...i just love it

You Rock this Song!!! | Reviewer: Ciara | 5/1/07

You will have fun for your whole intire life being a celebrity.You rock out loud!