about da song | Reviewer: jessie | 7/21/10

this song is about a girl who has boy trouble and i think in the show she made the right desision becuz she has known jake 4 a whole time history andhe knows her secret and and would never tell it and jesse doesnt know it and maybe he would tell juzz sayin but i think that true

He Could Be The One | Reviewer: Emma :P | 7/11/09

He Could Be The One is a great song about a girl that thinks her boy could be the one (obviously). It decodes that her relationship is going well and that she thinks well about her man. This song can be found on Hannah Montana: Season 3 Soundtrack.
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i love this song so much MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: andreaferguson | 7/8/09

i love this song so stinkin much because the songg just gets to me because whyy yyou was getting boyy trouble and i just want to say one more last thing whyy didn't you pick jesse because he is so cute so since because you didn't pick him im going to laugh about you when you fell off the stage that was hilarious!!!!!!!