#1 fan! | Reviewer: Emily | 4/18/11

I love you Hannah or should i say Miley,plllease send me a message at zombieemily@yahoo.com and next time u meat mitchel musso tell him that my big sister she likes his songs her name is Eliza.
I am 10 years old.
Any way send me a message.

love u | Reviewer: JeNNa Gee | 2/10/08

hannah you are my fave i love ya so much. yo ur songs r genius i love R0Ck staR. i went to all of ur concerts espacially the one in california. i travel over there all the time to see u up on stage rockin out. plz email me im ur #1 fannnn always and forever even my dad loves your songs. you have to make new episodes b/c ur shows are awsome!!!!!keep rockin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bpeoples@cherrycreekschools.org | Reviewer: Bailey Peoples | 2/5/08

I absouutly LOVE this song. Since love is bigger then us, then love is AWESOME! I love to sing! So, your my idol! I either want to be a famous singer or author. If I become a famous singer then its pobably going to be because of you! You ROCK!

OMG I LOVE THAT SONG!!! | Reviewer: Morgan | 1/29/08

Hannah I want to be like you when I grow up! I would go to your concert but I don't have like $1,000.00! And no one else in my family likes Hannah Montana!! So they would never take me to go see you rock on that stage!!!! HANNAH YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lily | Reviewer: Angela | 1/8/08

lily and you are so cute okay thank you very much for doing a show with miley and oliver you guys are amazing but you are the best in the show and you make the best song i like the one of i don't think about it like it starts like i don't think about it i don't think about it and that's what i like about u and you have a great voice.Well thank you very much for your thinking.

omg!!!!! | Reviewer: amera | 12/22/07

omg!!!!! i love this song and i love hannah montana she great and she inspires me to shoot for my dreams and go for the stars and if i go to high might just land on the moon!!!!!!!

damn your good | Reviewer: ciara | 12/14/07

damn hannah love your song your so damn good i fucken can lisen to you for the rest of my lfe my sister wants to be a singer just like you so do i you dont under stand how i like your shows and stuff hey i want to see some more new shows please your so damn alsome i want to be like you i love you as a friend im a girl.

love cc

Bigger than us | Reviewer: Kara Butler | 12/12/07

Miley/Hannah I LOVE all of your songs mostly bigger than us and just like you you are the coolest person in the whole world! my cousin got to go to your concert with the jonas brothers .i have so many posters and ive got all your cd's.from Kara Lindsey Butler

hannah montana | Reviewer: kathleen | 12/10/07

u r the best.I love this song the most i also love your other songs but this one the most.i love u.u r my fave pop singer.i alway wont to know your fave color?my is blue n purple.

christianity? | Reviewer: daielle | 12/3/07

miley i luv all ur songs especially this 1 even if u dont see this it never hurts to put it out there but it sounded like you were talking about god in this song a little bit. so plz email me back if u get this thx dani