It's awsome | Reviewer: Alyssa | 8/10/07

This is the best song I have ever herd . I was so happy 2 c it on HANNA MONTANA . I would like 2 hare that song on the radeo .

rock the song | Reviewer: Juliana | 8/7/07

I so totally love this song and im going to sing it in a talent show on my school.

about the song bigger than us | Reviewer: Denise | 8/7/07

This song is so amazing!! i seen her perform it on the episode about when she thought her dad wrote a horrible song then it turned out this was the song and she loved it. i spent all day looking to find out what it was called and i finally found it! i absolutly love it!!

So amazingly true | Reviewer: Jessica | 8/6/07

I absoulutely love this song!! It explains so much and it makes so much sence these lyrics are deep I never liked Hannah Montana but I love this song!!!!

hannah montana | Reviewer: me | 8/6/07

I love the new episode song sung bad!! it reminds me to sing my heart out, I love, love,you miley cyrus, you Rock!!!!!!!!! keep rocking on the disney channel games, and hannah montana!!!!!!!!!!

It rocks!! | Reviewer: Brittany | 7/30/07

I just love this song!It makes me smile a lot whenever I hear it on that one episode:"Sleepwalk this way" and the new Hannah Montana 2 CD.

I love it | Reviewer: Marissa | 7/27/07

I love this song.
its awesome.
and it makes me realize that I have people that love me and I love them back.

amazingness | Reviewer: Maddy | 7/20/07

i love this song i sang it in a talet show and won! Its soo true Love is bigger then everything theres so much of in the world i really apprecate Miley for writting it cause it helped me relize that! i love miley im soo jelouse of her shes everythong i wanted to be but i wish her luch with her carer

herlin the cute | Reviewer: rachael | 7/13/07

i love hannah montana so much it reminds me when i had a boyfriend there more things biger than just between us.