i love her | Reviewer: easta | 11/9/07

dear Miley i really whant to see you because i love you so much beside i am a girl. Can you email me on easta.loduku. Can you please email me .
By the way I love All you`er songs love you Miley Easta xxxxxx ooooo

i have a song | Reviewer: jazmine | 11/6/07

dere hanna i have a great song for you i wrote it my self well you can email me at kcuser21@aol.com ok well i hope you email me and you rock especialy miley love you

youre song rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Amanda | 10/28/07

Hey Miley youre song rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my friend Allison went to youre concert in saint
louis and she got a t-shirt. i didn't get to go because i live too far away. the first thing i knew when youre song rocked was when i heard it on youre
show!!!!!!!!!! i love ALL of youre songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#1 fan

You Rock! | Reviewer: Ally | 10/29/07

Hi! My 2 BFF's and I are going to be a are school talent show in febuary! We really fell in love with your new song Bigger Than Us and so we're going to be dancing to it in the talent show! You are a very good inspiration for me and my friends! We're so thankful that you came out with that song in spite of your new cd! So, anyways thanks Miley for singing that song (my favorite song) my friends and are will be sure to make a shout out to your new song!!!!
Your # 1 FAN ALLY

Miley | Reviewer: Sammy | 10/21/07

I really want to meet you, I didn't get tickets for your concert in Minnesota (even though I live there!) I really wish I could get back stage passes. I know everybody says that, but this time I really mean it! I LOVE YOU MILEY!!!!

favorite song + your super awesome | Reviewer: sasha | 10/21/07

This is one of the best Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. I love it soooooooo much!!!! In my top three song ever it is number one. i love all the Hannah Montana songs. i can't wait to go to the concert in December.

favorite song | Reviewer: jessica | 10/13/07

this is my favorite song ever!!! i love hannah montana/miley cyrus's songs! they are great! i cant wait to go to her concert!!!!!!! i wish i could meet u miley!!!!!!!!
#1 fan!!!!!!

Bigger Than Us | Reviewer: Destiny Hope Cyrus | 10/10/07

Hi everyone it's Miley! I just wanted to thank you all for loving my song, Bigger Than Us. I cannot believe that we're making a Hannah Montana Movie! I hope everyone can see it and enjoy it! I'm hoping you don't believe that I'm pregnant. It was just a rude rumor about me. Anyways, hope you enjoy Hannah Montana 2, my soundtrack!

Destiny Hope Cyrus
A.K.A. Miley Cyrus

hey!!!! | Reviewer: jacey mckell | 9/23/07

Hey i wrote thoses lyrics and gave them to hannah montana.Im glad she used them!!!!I also wrote them for a special person. Matthew I LOVE YOU!!!

Bigger Than Us | Reviewer: Erin | 9/23/07

I love this song!!! How can I get the split track, where the words dont come up, its just the music, so it'll only be MY voice???