i luv hannah montana | Reviewer: jessica | 9/21/07

i love hannah soo much she is the best ever!!!!!!i love all her songs especially bigger than us!!!!!!!!! its the best song i ever heard!! hannah montanas biggest fan
#1 FAN

whoa. | Reviewer: girl from somewhere | 9/20/07

I am the same age as Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana. She is turning 15 this year (2007) and so am I! Today actually! But it's pretty cool that a girl my age is as famous as she is. Love Ya Miley/Hannah. Going to your concert soon! :]

your awesome | Reviewer: mckenna | 9/17/07

i love you Hanna Montana. she is pretty and smart a good singer. i love its bigger then us its awesome. your my favorte singer. and dose your dad relly make the songs up or do you? i wish i could liseing to your songs all day.

Just Saying Hi To All Of My Wonderful Fans!! | Reviewer: Miley Cyrus | 9/16/07

Hey it's Miley i just wanted to give a shot out to all my fans and thank them for making Hannah Montana 2 : Meet Miley Cyrus go number 1!!
You guys are awesome and I hope to meet all of my fans!

Miley Cyrus

janisa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/07

hannah montana's song bigger than us is an awsome song and one of my favs!every time i sing that song i sing my heart out!

Awsome song! | Reviewer: HM/MC Lover!! | 9/8/07

This song is awsome!! It's my favorite song on HM2 cd and my favoroute song on MMC is G.N.O (Girls Night Out)!! My 1st piczo site is all about Miley itz mileysite101.piczo.com!! Rock on!!

WOW!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: yanira | 8/18/07

Hannah Montana is so right because we all do want to believe in love.

purple kiss!!! | Reviewer: purple | 8/18/07

this is my fav. song!!! I'm working on singing it.I'm getting better every day!!!!!!!!!!!

Bigger then us | Reviewer: Hailey | 8/16/07

I love this song. It's really awesome..I've been working on learning to sing it, and i've been getting good.

Bigger Than Us by HANNAH MONTANA | Reviewer: rouselba | 8/11/07

I love HANNAH MONTANA she is so cool.I love her style.I also love all her songs especially Bigger Than Us,Make Some Noise,If We Were A Movie,and Lifes What You Make It those are my favs luv you hannah montana