Magical Medium of the Unseen Guests | Reviewer: Shroudwoman | 12/5/12

Sound is empty. Emptiness is sound. Waves resonate and only dogs can hear dog whistles and only kindred souls familiar with the unseen can find and truly hear the music of Hannah Fury.
When by some force of the multidimensional cyclical OM (Past, Present & Future) simultaneously feeding from all sound sources, now feeding aurally on the rich feast of Facebook, iTunes,and the Intergalatic Pleadean wide world web where one can actually tune into their own subconciousness,pay.99cents and be in the realm with this sylph named Hannah Fury- sister, daughter, mistress and Grandmaster of sound which breaks the eternal Heart of Darkness & Light.
Reminiscent of visiting the realms of Lisa Gerard without the Grand Ethnic Vault of all of this worlds instruments.More casualy akin to the precious parlour of a Laura Nero eraand "Upstairs by a Chinese Lamp" but more refined, ethereal and without the capability to ride a subway train or even go outside.
One gets the feeling Hannah is like a girl cursed to be cemented up inside of a castle wall by an evil Magician(muscician?) whispering to you eternally that she is there just behind that wall unable to get out.

Which brings us to the Breath. Breathing in the Kundalini sense, AIR, sighing, whispering, horrified unspeakable screech escaping under the breath, the silent scream. Hannah Fury understands how precious oxygen is and only lets air escape her body as one who is both giving it as the most precious gift (like giving water to those dying in a desert) or as an old miserly woman wartorn refugee dressed in shredded black silk hoarding AIR as if every breath is her last.
This woman is not of the same species as one the grotesque degenerate scantily clad POP WHORES with bad colored wigs and bare bruised breasts willing to show up and do anything anywhere with anyone for money and a record deal,the kind of 21st Century females we only seem to see today in the end of the Fiery Aeon. This is a true romantic, a magically Ancient Goddess Medium disguised as a Goth Ghost who has sacrified more than any of us will ever know to deliver the messages of the Unseen Guests who have chosen her to speak through to us, the unworthy.