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Performed by Hank Williams

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Seeking a copy of the music and lyrics for "A Tramp on the Street" | Reviewer: Steve Tebbets | 3/5/14

A friend of mine would like me to accompany him on piano while he sings "A Tramp on the Street". I have been able to find lyrics and chords, but cannot find the music or a source for the sheet music for the song. Please contact me if you can help with a copy of the music for this song. Thank you so much! God's blessings, Steve Tebbets

I remember Hank | Reviewer: Jheri | 1/20/14

Few people realize how deeply religious Hank Williams was; they know only his hell-raising side and, maybe, a little of his music. Hank did not record only this one beautiful gospel song; he wrote and/or recorded many others in his amazing heart-felt manner, and he meant every word from the depths of his pain-ridden agonized soul.

I remember this song and many others; to my childish ears, (I was only eleven when the world -- and I -- lost him forever) he sounded like a messenger come straight from God to remind me not to forget, not to leave God out of my life. He understood, as few ever do, that God IS in the details; get those right and the big picture you will have painted without even noticing it will please both you and your God.

sing in school | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/11

when I was around 13 or 14 in high school we would have different students going around to different classrooms and sing songs of course I just happen to be one of the few to go to a classroom and I was also chosen to sing Tramp on the Street before the whole school can't say I was not nervous but I did do it and everyone loved it but then things had a different meaning because prayer was still in school but I have never forgotten the song and what it meant to me I am so glad Hank recorded this song

makes me cry | Reviewer: Louise Patterson | 2/21/11

when I was in the fourth grade I met a little friend and we were friends for many years.She taught me this song,said her Mother always sang it to the babie's.So,I in turn always sang it to mine.Now I am 77 and I sing it in Church once in awhile and everyone just loves it.Our Preacher plays the guaiter for me,I have to admit I barely get through it without tearing up though.

Song Tramp on the Street | Reviewer: Melanie | 4/21/09

Wow!!! My mom sang this song to me and my brothers and sisters while were babies too. I in turn sang it to my children when they were born and through the years when they needed soothing. My oldest son who is now 30 asks me every once in a while to sing it to him when things aren't going right for him and he needs soothing. When he was in Korea and Kyrgistan in the Military he would call and ask me to sing it to him. My sisters and I found the a hymnal with the song in it about 15 years ago and sang it at my moms church for her birthday. Talk about lots of tears flowing. I don't know that it is the words as much as it is the soothing tune. But this song has become very important to my family. I had no idea that Hank Williams had cut it, I only ever heard my mom sing it to me.

The Tramp On The Street | Reviewer: Shelia Smith | 4/7/09

My mother use to sing this song to me when I was a little girl. All though I have never heard the song other then her singing it. I have never forgotten it. I would love to find a copy of this song. If anyone knows where I could buy a copy I would love to have it.
I have been told she was singing this song to me right ofter I was born. I would love to have it on tape so it could be played at my funeral. What a way to go out of this world to the same song I came into it.

I have a copy of the song from 1949 | Reviewer: Faye Morgan Nelson | 7/27/08

I have a copy of the song from 1949. we lived in Tampa, Fl and the Supertest gas station had a lot of things going for the people in the community. My mom sent off for this song through them and a deck of cards. I have both copies in storage and I think I have the original envelope they came in. Faye M Nelson

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