How true it is | Reviewer: Gary Hart | 10/5/2007

How true this song is even all these years after he wrote the song, and very fitting today in America,remember 9-11.I dont think Hank recorded the song as i rcall Hank Jr. telling the story of his father,Hank wrote the song then sold it to Pee Wee King.Ive had the record for several years was sung by Hank Jr. There is a recitation to this and i will submit it if any one is interested. Thank you

i'm praying for the day peace will come | Reviewer: wil roshinsky | 7/28/2006

i need to hear hank williams singing this song on the internet. how can i do this. i have the lyrics, but no sound or music. let me know how to hear the song from my computor. thank you.