Tears in our eyes | Reviewer: Skip B. | 7/23/14

I was in the studio when BJ Thomas recorded I'm so lonesome I could cry, and I think everyone there had tears in their eyes.
I like Hank's version, but BJ's is the best!

Robins weep | Reviewer: J. S. | 10/12/12

We've got an old robin still hanging around up here even though we had frost and snow. It has gray feathers over its eyes. We will probably find it in a snowbank sometime soon. Made me think of this song. ...

I hear this song differently . | Reviewer: David Duggan | 2/3/12

I love Hank's original version. Saying that and being a musician in my imagination I can hear it differently. I've heard some covers but either they emulate it or completely change it. From B.J. Thomas to Dean Martin to Al Green. Not to mention all the Country artist. I'm hoping to find that version in my mind but until then I'll stick with the original.

Fred Rose | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/11

Credit where it's due, Fred Rose edited all, wrote much of Hank's songs. If you don't already know about Fred, look him up. After Hank got bounced off the Opry, he was spewing to Tillman Franks at the Louisiana Hayride, he'd had it with Nashville, would never have anything to do with .. "Who's gonna write your songs?" Hank busted out laughing, "Well, yeah, there is that ..."

Yep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/11

I just listend to a biography of Hank seniors life. I was born in1950. so I wasn't old enough to go to his shows. Or experience him. However, his simple truthful lyric writing can make me cry and feel. Have you ever heard a Robin weep? When leaves were were about to

Griff-Would you consider a comment from a lover of true musicians | Reviewer: tina | 10/30/10

I looked up these particular lyrics of Hanks today because it is the way I feel today. That is what I love about well-written lyrics and music. They touch us when we feel, where we need to feel. I thank God for blessing those talented musicans with their talent.

Some sad songs | Reviewer: Eddie | 2/13/10

Yes, Hanks songs were all classics but there have been other touching, sad songs: how about Honey I Miss You by Bobby Goldsboro? Then there's Give My Love To Rose by Johnny Cash, He Stopped Loving Her Today sung by George Jones. You name some.

Memorial, yes. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/09

Memorial, I'm so very sorry for your loss. I'm sure it's too late to help you now, but I think this would be a very fitting tribute to your brother. He's gone, and the focus now is on the grief of those who loved him and are left behind to mourn him. That doesn't diminish his life or your memory of it. I hope that as you heal, your sorrow is supplanted with happy, funny, loving reminders of your time together.

Memorial? | Reviewer: anonymous | 9/8/09

The 2nd anniversary of my brother's death is approaching. He was my only brother, and we were so close. This song captures how I feel? Can I get opinions on whether this song would be an appropriate memorial? Does it focus on my despair too much as opposed to focusing on my brother? Thanks for your help.

BJ Thomas version | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/07

I also saw BJ Thomas' version of this song on PBS, and it was absolutely one of the greatest live performances that I've ever heard. I'm not a country fan, but Thomas' performance and the beauty of this song may make me take a more serious listen

BJ Thomas Captures the Essence of This Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/07

I recently saw BJ Thomas perform this song on a PBS show of country hits. His is one of the greatest performances of this song. His phrasing and haunting rendition of this song brings out the pain that Hank Williams must have been feeling when he wrote this timeless poetry.

Nobody sang it like Hank | Reviewer: bev | 7/9/07

I remember as a child how lonesome this song would make me... and when I would hear a train in the distance, I would start singing this song. Although I am not a musician by any means, I do appreciate the country music of yesteryear, moreso than most I hear today. We recently inherited an old stereo with a ton of lp albums by some of the greatest country stars... It's great to sit back and listen to the crackling music come out bellowing those sometimes haunting tunes...

ONLY COMPLAINT | Reviewer: DRUID13.LEE | 4/8/07


Great songs era. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/05

Yes, this song is absolutely filled with a soul of its own, yet it is one that everyone with at least a moderate degree of experience with life can relate to. It comes from a time when the Great Depression was not such a distant relative. I can remember when there were country singers who would get so worked up over a song, while they were performing, that they would sometimes express their great sadness by tearing and ripping their shirts off their bodies. Communicating such a feeling is not an easy task for the performer, yet Hank Williams was able to do it without tearing his shirt off. Mearly with his words and inflection in his voice that was a half yoldel he was able to create an atmosphere that anyone who heard him could understand and feel.


One of the greatest songs ever written | Reviewer: Dawn | 8/12/05

This has to be one of the greatest sad songs ever written. I believe Elvis said it was the saddest song he'd ever heard or sung. Hank Williams was a genius, no doubt about that. I agree with the above reviewer - today's so-called country music pales into insignificance compared with the great singers/songwriters of the past.