Hank Thompson - Real Western Swing! | Reviewer: Jerry Lee Williams | 3/19/14

Nobody could even come close to Hank Thompson's western swing!
He had hits in 4 decades! Amazing! He had an unforgettable honky-tonk sound! "On Tap, In the Can, or In the Bottle" - I think that one was the ultimate beer-drinking song! Funny, I don't even drink beer any more, but I love those old songs!

My favorite singer/band leader | Reviewer: Kenneth Davis | 5/28/13

I have been a loyal fan of his since the first time I saw him at the State Fair of Texas when I was very young. I thought his band was great, especially the steel guitar which I later learned to play and was able to play in his backup band a few times in the 90's. He was very complimentary and I was on cloud 9!! There never has been nor will there ever be anyone that can imitate him. He's the GREATEST!


I have loved your music since the 70's. I have seen you several times in concert, the last time in Bandera,Tx and you where wonderful as usual.
I was wondering if you have ever been married? Are you still married? If not I want to marry you. Even if you are 30 years older than me, you are the handsomest and sexiest man alive.

Your tours | Reviewer: Art Melnyk | 6/13/07

I would love to see you entertain again.
Can I get a list of your tour plans. I reside in Utah but am very close to Las Vegas and Mesquite,Nv.Do you ever put a show on there?

I love his singing!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/07

I started listening to Hank when i was like 3 years old or younger when my dad would get up to go to work of a morning he would turn the record player on so i could go back to sleep and I'm a teenager now and I would rather listen to his singing than a lot of the newer singers! There will never be singers as great as Hank Thompson Hank WIlliams Sr. Conway twitty and George Jones.

What a great singer | Reviewer: Jimmie Smith | 5/14/07

I have loved Hank's singing since the 50's. I saw him in person in 1966 (i believe) at the Senate Inn in Maryland. I saw him recently at an auditorium in Weirsdale, Fl at the age of 80. He still sings great. I love him. There will never be another like ole Hank. I have been singing his songs all my life.I won a contest a long time ago singing one of his songs "Annie Over"