H2o | Reviewer: Gabiiii | 5/1/10

I think this song is sooootrue. About how people are stuck in this stupid mindset. Like you have to dress a certain way to like a certain music. I know a girl who went to a gig in clothes she was comfortable in and two of my friends took out her hair and tried to 'fix' her. I was so dissappointed. This song sums up everything in today music 'scene'. I don't even go to many gigs any more because the only reason people go there is because it's cool to be seen there or at that particular bands gig. No one cares about the music any more and it annoys me.

punklives4ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/10

i think the song is basically perfect. something changed in our music today, and it wasn't anything good. we need more bands like H20, street dogs, pennywise, streetlight manifesto, rancid, transplants, dropkick murphys, and bad religion. the music today is just main stream bullshit. screw all this fall out boy bs and my chemical romance and green day's new crap. i hope punk rock stays alive forever and it's people like Mike McColgan and these guys why it has a chance to.."now the biggest part is all about the image and not the art" amen..screw image its all about the feel, passion, art.

what happened | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/10

i believe this song is more about the hardcore music scene. it use to be more about ethics and ideals. now it seemed to be more about who can wear the tightest pants, put on more make up, and scream like a banshee instead of screaming for a change

I give it 5 stars! | Reviewer: Samantha | 8/11/08

I think this song is pretty deep and thought through very well. The passion in music and the industry has change so much... I really don't know where to begin. People have to learn how to express themselves differently. There is not enough god given talent in this world any more and no body has the time to listen to these people anymore.