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HIM | Reviewer: Rachael McInnes | 5/6/07

I have only liked HIM for about a year, but I am already hooked on their music. They're music isn't all gothic "kill me" type of thing, nor is it all "come to me" music. I am compleatly obbsessed with them. And I am determind to meet Ville Valo. Not at like a CD signing or whatever. I mean meet him in person and have a real conversation with him, perhapes even make friends with him. But I don't understand why some people think he is a compleat goth and acctually deserves to die. If someone said that to my face, I would slap them so hard it would probibly knock them out for a week! I am 12 years old, and love HIM. Some people think that might be a bit young to like a band such as HIM so much, they might think it will screw me up as I grow older. But I can't help it, I'm totally addicted. Especially to the album Dark Light.

HIM Roxz!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: K.T./Krystal | 5/4/07

Hey man HIM is the greatest band ever! I even have bout 3 of their c.d.'s! they are awesome man! I alwayz love the band HIM! I'll love em forever dude cause they are the greatest band ever brought together man!


Adoration | Reviewer: Sands | 4/30/07

I must admit, I've been sucked into the world of HIM. I absolutly love the band, I love their music, everything. The lyrics are so original and the sound is so new. I've been listening to them for 3 years and they still amaze me with each album. It seems that most of the bands these days all sound the same (and yet I listen to most of them), but HIM breaks that. I can listen to their songs and relate each one to something in my life. I even got the heartagram as my first tattoo. They're a great band an I can't wait to hear more from them.

7 years | Reviewer: Renate | 4/27/07

I just want to say I looooove this band... I'm seventeen years old and you might think 'oh no not another teenage ville valo lover kid' but i'm listening to HIM already 7 years.. my music taste had changed over all these years but HIM is still my favourite band. =D i love them with all my heart .

HIM!!! | Reviewer: Carolina | 4/17/07

HIM is one of my favorite bands ever!!! Ville's voice is melodic. They are very unique and great live. I went to a concert they had with Aiden. I am into a lot of finnish bands, if you like HIM you should check out Bloodpit, The Rasmus, Apoclyptica and The 69 Eyes. Bittersweet by Apocalyptica features Ville and The Rasmus. It is a very cool song check that out as well.

the best rock band ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/07

i love this band so much that would die to meet them. i really luv the songes that they creat. gloria z.

HIM Rocks | Reviewer: Brian Sotelo | 3/15/07

HIM is the coolest band in the world i saw them live once. They totally rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\m/

w.o.a.h. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/07

H.I.M. has been such an influence in lives of lovers everywhere.
Only Ville can write songs with lyrics so diverse, one song erotic (razorblade kiss) and another heartstrung (you are the one) and make it work.
I've been a fan since Funeral of Hearts..and I will never regret a moment of it.

Ville Valo's voice is kickass | Reviewer: PheonixDown | 11/26/06

Ok firstly HIM is kickass...
Him may be loved by a lot of goths, but i have never met one to date. All the people that i have seen that like HIM have been normal people, well as normal as the average insane guy out there.
But i have to add...i havent really met many goths, yet all the concerts and small screenings HIM puts on, there is very little goths there, well compared to the hundreds of screaming girls aching for Ville Valo.

Secondly Ville Valo has one of the best baritone voices i have ever heard, because it is so unique. If you hear him sing a song thats not written by him, then you can really see how good he is.
Because HIM has such dark, deep and emotional lyrics, he puts (what some people call "arrogance")emotion into his music.

Him is so revered because of the meangiful lyrics, amazing guitar riffs that Linde pulls of, such as in "Wings of a Butterfly", awsome baritone voice of Ville Valo and the kickass live shows they put on.

Cheers Boss...
xxx Pheonix Down xxx

Love HIM!! | Reviewer: Mary | 7/12/06

I think HIM is the BEST band ever!! I was born in 1967 and have heard LOTS of music over the years, but none have touched my life like they have. Ville's lyrics and vocals are amazing!, and everyone knows their stuff! Seen them live and will never forget it! Been a fan since 2004 when i first heard Love Metal. Dark Light is also a wonderful compilation of dark but light at the end of the tunnel! lol Their older stuff is just as good, like Gone with the sin, love it! I even got a heartagram on my ankle! Cannot wait for more music from them! Definately a fan for life!!

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