c-cool! | Reviewer: Mellysa | 9/12/07

Erm.. I really hate this song. I have to listen to it like 6 times a day at work everyday. It's just WAY too sugary cutsie poo for me. The lyrics themselves wouldn't be so bad if she didn't voice them that way.

about " CooL" By GweN SteFaNi | Reviewer: rihanna | 6/24/07

I like this sing so much, I personnally think the music is really great
plus gwen's voice which I like very very very very much
'til now, i've never heard any bad song on her album ! I like them ALL :p

perfect | Reviewer: nihan | 5/14/07

I really love this song. It makes me sad a little bit. Because this song fits mw and my ex boyfriend.. Whatever.. Song is awesome

Cool is awesome | Reviewer: Robbin | 3/27/07

This song represents whatever the listener is feeling. Isnt that what music is all about? its a personal favorite of mine. It has depth, meaning and is musically brilliant for a pop song.

CCCOOOLLL! | Reviewer: Felisa | 2/26/07

I like the lyrics in this song...I think that when you are in place where you've gone through this situation you can really feel it...life happens when we least expect it!

cool | Reviewer: lee | 9/14/05

great song, something that reflects gwens life and something we can all relate to. top tune.

.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/05

I like Gwen Stefani and all...
But I don't really lyk this song. It's not like her at all to have a sweety-sweety, cutie-cutie lyric lyk dat...

Great Song | Reviewer: Hannah | 9/7/05

Gwens gorgeous and talented, been around for years and still pumpin out great tunes, not 1 bad song on her album!!!!

great song! | Reviewer: girl | 8/21/05

the song is great. erm...this song...is it about her past relationship with one of her band members from no doubt?

OMG! | Reviewer: Lexis | 7/30/05

Wow this is one of Gwen's best songs yet! It can relate to actual ppl...I love the beat to it and he voice fits perfectly.....plus in her music video she looks soooo good with brown hair!! This song is really good!!