Hmm.. | Reviewer: Wee | 12/14/13

I don't think this is a sad song... it probably is, but the way I receive it is: it's not. It's about thanking the other person for the memories that they've had together; and the break up was not a bad thing for them. In fact, it's a good thing because they found the person they are meant to be with. Breaking up is a lot better than staying in a relationship that is like circle and triangle... they don't match.

miss him | Reviewer: Ptryzzia Aunne | 7/5/12

well I'm on arrange marriage...and after all i liked the guy that im going to marry and were good ,we dont argue .....i thought that we are really for each other BUT after some years we divorced because he likes someone else T_T ...and I cant blame him cause it was never our decision to be married T_T....its just that I miss all the times we spent together when I hera this song

Perfectly matching... | Reviewer: BelovedBoo | 10/31/10

I'm trying my best to calm me down after a sad sad time, saying goodbye to my guy. I don't hate him or curse him whatsoever. We aren't meant to be, sad but true. And I hope someday we can hear this song together and look back the days when we 'were' young. And of course, I would say 'After all, I know we're cool"...

Having encoutered with some nice person in this life, that's a good luck, isn't it?

Sad sex midgets | Reviewer: mike | 9/6/10

This song makes me sad too.Makes me think of all of the ex sex midgets no longer having butt naked sex with me:the rude african man.(Hey've moved on and I,ve gone on to lay extensive thick man meat on other sex midgets.They think I'm king kong and I be kongin dem lil hoe's..fall back negro's!!!

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/10

This is a really good song. Me and my ex husband have been divorce for about 3 yrs now. We've moved on and found the love of our life. He and I still have good communication and are on good terms. But this song does really brings back memories. I guess, for old time sake.. :)

=) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/10

well, i really do love this song, but everytime i listen it, i dont know, i get sad.. it feels like she get stock in the memories.. and memories of something that cant happen again are always painful.. sure they still r friends.. but when something is really important to you, you get selfish, and share becomes painful if u see that maybe u werent that close

myself | Reviewer: fara | 6/23/09

this song i hear when i sad,when 19yer old my x-boyfre left me because no want comitment with me that a reason,i spend my all time with him,he told me he love me but he lied me after 2 month i heard from someone he gonna married with another gurl he tell me no commitmen in love but he lie me..uwaaa

Cooooool | Reviewer: Willie87 | 5/19/09

this is SO how me and my exboyfriend are right now :) althought its still in the beginning early fases.. its weird how spending too much time can make u get the same feelings like then again... BAD! BAD PUTTY CAT! hihihi im crazy :)

lovely | Reviewer: Kayliee. | 3/8/09

This song is really great, I can totally relate to it.
When I was 16 I went out with my really good guy friend and we dated for about 8 months and then we ended it. At first I was really upset, but as the months went by we realized how much better we are as just really good friends. We're now seeing different people and still hangout and talk as we're good friends. A lot of my friends don't understand how we can still have a stable relationship after breaking up, but the only reason why we ended it was because we realized we both have different interests.
I'm really glad it worked out for us this way, because I know it doesn't always turn out this good. haha

whatever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/08

this song is lovely. imagin how would it be like after all what u had with ur ex, now its over but u guys still are good friends. but isnt that painful to hang out with him and his new girlfriend? i never wanna see that coz......... whatever

Hm. | Reviewer: Ana | 7/7/08

This song, makes me feel so many different ways all at once. I first heard it when i was younger (when it first came out) and thought it was pretty nifty. but now after years and alotta growing, i can relate to it. and i can feel like, like when you're listening to a song and then all of a sudden it hits you like just BAM! you get it. that's what its been.

the lyrics represent so much more than just being "cool" with someone.

It's really a cool cool song!! | Reviewer: Rara | 4/7/08

Can't describe this song much,only can say what a really cool cool song. Gwen is really really cool, she knows how to make a simple thing become a cool thing. And I always wonder how she can always look so gorgeous in however she dresses herself!

Cool | Reviewer: connie | 3/5/08

This is actually one of my favourite Gwen's songs!!! Really like it... But there's one problem: some people interprete it as if the girl says' i know we've GROWN COLD TO EACH OTHER' However i personally think Gwen means that despite the fact that they now have parallel lives they are still cool friends. So could you, Gwen's fans, help me figure out who is right and who is wrong?))))

Depressing | Reviewer: amerryman | 11/21/07

This song is depressing, it reminds me of the way me and my ex will never be.. Sad, wish it would be true, but I know it's you.

c-cooool! | Reviewer: Mellysa | 9/12/07

Erm.. I really hate this song. I have to listen to it like 6 times a day at work everyday. It's just WAY too sugary cutsie poo for me. The lyrics themselves wouldn't be so bad if she didn't voice them that way.