85-91 Rock Gods..95-present: CRAP | Reviewer: Brent Kaiser | 5/14/10

Let's face it, these guys were the shit 20 yrs ago until Axl fcked everything up with his selfish attitude. Now look at him, he's nothing!
Retire already and cherish the memories of the past because everything you've done since is weak and sounds pathetic. Brutal truth

Ultimate Music | Reviewer: Hmar Tlangval | 2/21/10

All good or bad things that we experienced in our lives comes to an end one certain day and they stay in our memory forever...but Guns N Roses are no ordinary band...that just come n go...their music fills in our bones and lives in us....words are not enough to describe them...

guns nroses not as good as they use to be. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/09

guns n roses was awosme in there 80s but now that slash left there not as good as they use to be. all the band members left so i think they should come back. there just not as good.
i loved there band back then there geting worse.
i steal like them they need to get slash back. if slash is reading this DUDE WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED. JACOB BIGWITCH

Forever not Forgotten | Reviewer: Pamela | 11/23/09

Guns n' Roses was the best rock group that hit the world stage, they made it possible for other rock bands to come out with louder ronchy songs with attitude ...
Axl running around onstage kept everyone wondering what he was going to do next ... Isn't that what a frontman is suppose to do?
They were the best in thier time and there songs with Rock on forever in the hearts of the people who did listen to the lyrics because ronchy as they were they were all based on something going on in thier life at that time ...
Rock on ...

Yesterday | Reviewer: Mikhala | 11/15/09

If you have not listened to Chinese Democracy you really should. Although the band members are different the album is fantastic. Best of luck to Slash, Duff, and Iggy in all of their endeavors and to Steve keep your head up man. Guns and Roses was and always will hold a place in the hearts and beats in the heads of many!

Guns N' Roses Forever!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/09

What happened to good music? Now all you hear about is Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and stupid people like that...LAME! We need more bands like Guns N' Roses. Not all these sissy pop, techno, and rap singers!

GNR, still the best band ever | Reviewer: yael lazaro | 10/20/09

I love this band,their songs are the best, specialy the voice of axl rose. everytime i hear their music, i feel they were singing for me. i just wish ,they could have a consert here in phil. for those who were saying mean things about them,they are the true looser.
WE LOVE YOU AXL ROSE and the rest of the GNR members.

No, they are shit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/09

They are just a fucken Disney version of rock n roll. Pathetic Celine Dion type songs that have been painted to look and sound like Raaark. What a load of shite they are. That fake fucking voice and the up-their-own-ass posturing. Give me a fucking break. If you like rock then why do you listen to this puke? It can only be because you like safe, non-threatening shit - but only if it's dressed up to LOOK dangerous and edgy. Pure excretia.

Goddamit,with u haters!! | Reviewer: Karen the G'R groupie | 9/7/09

God,I was just planning on reading this small bio,but the string of comments just killed it.I totally think that Guns N' Roses are the shit,and
it's obvious that anyone ineterested in reading this is a fan of GN'R,correct?So what is it with people and talking all this shit to the fans?Like,if all ur gonna do is bitch then why bother reading this and post ur dirty shit?!!!Man,it just bugs the hell out of me 'cuz it's all over here and YouTube and everywhere,it just seems to me that to anyone who doesn't like GN'R then don't bother to read stuff about them!
There was someone on the first page that sais "everyone gets so defensive when talking about this band as if it's their band" and shit like "they were all pre-madonnas" and even something about how we're all just opinionated teens.Well,guess what?I'm exactly 13 years old and I have the right as much as anoyone else to an opinion,and no,I won't give NO ONE the upper hand in shit because I think GN'R rocked in their time of fame.Besides,just because they're gone today doesn't mean ANYONE should forget their memory just because you say so!U digg what I'm sayin?To break it down,I'm saying No,fuck haters and GN'R will always be one of the many great bands that gave the first steps into the 80's glam era.GN'R OWNS AND RULEZ UR LYFE!!!Peace out!

Wake up...It's time to die..... | Reviewer: Jays Fawlin | 9/1/09

Sometimes I wonder why the people become so fool...They're all crazy about Paradise City,Sweet Child O' Mine,Welcome To The Jungle e.t.c.In the late 80's the young girls and boys at my age never give a fuck about the meaning of the song,they just listen to the voice of Axl and his hair color.My favorite song from the "Appetite For Destruction" is "Think About You" and in my opinion is one of their best songs

beginer | Reviewer: mik | 8/30/09

im new in the GNR music but it changed my hole fckng life im living between reegaeton rap duranguense n shit music, there music keeps me alive. I just wish i could new´m in the past when they were toged.

I hope that its not over, ¡¡heyah!!

the were but never will | Reviewer: Stephen | 8/19/09

alrighty ladies and gentelmen, now this is just my personal opinion, i am eighteen years old so yah i wasnt very old when Guns N Roses broke up, but theres nothing wrong with loving the past. Guns N Roses were phenomenal back in the day, Slash is probably the greatest guitarist ever, and Izzy And are the greatest combination of guitar styles ever, mixed with Adlers drums and Duffs Bass and Axls phenomenally dirty dark rock voice they were no doubt the Angels of Hard Rock. but yes the Magic is over, the members have gone their separate ways, and yes Axls attitude did lead to the break up but then again so did everyone elses. So may the original Guns be remembered for as long as possibe, and may their legacy live on.

great | Reviewer: mellisa | 6/24/09

GNR was the GREATEST band in the 80s. It was pure magic. But once the fired Steven and got Matt the magic left. The band wasnt the band without those 5 guys. The fame hit them harder than they expected. The drugs didnt help either. And Axl didnt help things with his additude but they new what he was like when they first met him so dont blame it all on him. GNR isnt GNr any more. its just Axl Rose. Let the story of GNR be told in the good things like how an amazing band saved the world from pop music. as the band who put on amazing shows. the band who wasnt afraid to so the true side of themselves and life thru their music. remember them as THEM and not as "they" are now.

... | Reviewer: lynn | 6/14/09

they was something magic about those 5 guys together making amazing, unforgetable music. but as soon as steven was kicked, it wasn't magic anymore. it took axl, slash, izzy, duff, and steven. but the magic is over. and i don't think it was meant to last that long. just a little magic, is all the world needed.

GuNs AnD rOsEs rOx | Reviewer: michael | 6/9/09

this band is possibly the best band i have ever herd i an ubsessed with this band and have all there songs on my ipod and all there albums i listen to them all the time and there best song is obiously sweet child o mine