whatever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/13

William Axl Rose is an acronym for war. I believe he may attract pagan angst among proffessional establishment of certain pagan cults. I wonder about the gunns compenent of the group. It may be that certain groups may have an aura collected aura, chrisma, or soul. Listening to some orgins, live performances and jackets. It looks to be total L. A. mayhaps the Roxy theatre. Certain performances may come against shriven or totn minds. If poeple develope certain brands, or trademarks. The performance may over shadow the real human experience of the particpating enacter or character of a persona. When a person developes into an icon,an idol,or a target foe whatever writes fool bullshit or cow manure about them, come on poeple let the artists have a life, get one of your own. Back off the I'm not an asshole persona.

Guns and roses is gone because of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Dr. Mike | 3/27/13

People don't always have to agree, but all of us have put things behind us Good and Bad, and have to move on. I have never seen a asshole like AXL. Give me a break. He needs to grow up and act like an adult. Let the past be the past and move on. Do you really think that Slash, Izzy, Duff ect. at the age that they are can't let the past go, and move on and put a tour with the original members maybe for a year. Or a 1 time show. I know Slash a little and have talked to him and he does not seem angry, mad. They should all be happy that GNR exist because they would not be where they are today. Or have all the money they have. I would be very grateful. And look at it that way and lets try to forget the past. I could see this happen if they were still in there teens. But not adults. And the only one that can't forgive and forget, AXL. It's only been over 25 years. Most of you people look at Axl like a god. But he is a big pussy. Fuck that ass hole.

The best band there was that i never saw live | Reviewer: Joseph Bozard | 6/25/12

I don't care what anyone says GnR was the best thing for Rock n Roll. I want to thank all of you members of GnR for the best music n lyrics ever written. For those that are bitter you won't like this. As far as I'm concerned Axl was GnR. He has the wright tude and he lives the roll. The name of the band isn't Guns n Slashes. No disrespect intended to you Slash you are one of, no the best RnR guitarist I've heard, you have my respect. I wish you all could put the past behind you and do what you do best. I won't miss you guys again. Promise. If you don't Axl I will be there with who ever you have playing with you. Your the best vocalist in RnR don't care what anyone says. I'm in Atlanta come are way brother.

GnR concert in Colorado a few hours ago!!! | Reviewer: Tone | 12/12/11

Just saw GnR in concert here in CO a few hours ago, WOW!!!! I'm a huge concert goer... I must say GnR ranked up there among the best I have attended even playing in a smaller venue. Ranking up there with the likes of U2, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, The Boss, etc... having seen.
Axl gives it his all and still hold the tones even at his age and the lead guitarist "not Slide" holds his own too; they all sound great together playing all GnR hits to their splendor.
If you are able to catch a GnR concert I suggest going, you wont be disappointed. Peace!

bad part | Reviewer: syndee | 10/12/11

really there was a time when.gnr was called to be the best hard rock band....since it dissolved it was a bad time for all the fans of gnr.//i m too a great fan of gnrrrrr hoping it will again recontinue nd gnr re rocking....lop ya axl,slash,duff,mark,izzy

guns n many roses | Reviewer: sajan | 9/4/11

m the great fan of guns n roses.gnr inspired me in the world of rock music.i want them to rejoin again and hav a blast that they used to b during their early times lov u guns n roses never die the great legends.

ROOOCK | Reviewer: gnrfan | 7/6/11

I'm a thirtheen year old girl from holland and I'm OBSESSED with Guns 'n Roses. Seriously. I give out all my money on clothes, bracelets, posters, cds, that sort of stuff. I just love Guns 'n Roses and I really hope they can perform at least one more time.. I would go to the USA for it...

Gn'R,Gods of rock n inspiration. | Reviewer: Losel | 6/7/11

Naturaly sum think gnr sucks, wat i do rely fel is dey threw a nw genre of rock wit rely gud music. U listen to 'swet child o mine' n u'll realize dat. I rely hope dey wld gt bck 2gthr sooner or later so as 2 prove dey r stil 1 of d rock image of d era. Hail gn'r.

I LOVE GUNS N' ROSES | Reviewer: log | 6/3/11

I'm 13 yrs old and I love Guns n roses they are my inspiration. I wish that Axl would appologize so they can go on a world tour, ilovethem soooooooooooo much and my 1st wish would be to meet them!!! :)

Jennifer | Reviewer: jennifer till | 2/24/11

Personally, I think that Guns N' Roses are by far the best bamd ever and i don't care what people say about them sucking or anything like that, but i love them and axl is so my man!! love ya g'n'r' keep rockin!!!

GNR Sucks | Reviewer: johnny | 2/11/11

Yeah they were great when they came out, they refueled the rock scene which was dying to wussie makeup bands like poison and warrant, but Illusion I and II, though it had some good songs, sucked, the spaghetti incident sucked, Axl not making shows on time or at all sucked.His totalitarian attitude and complete control over the band, sucked. And to this day Axl Sucks.

G'n'R | Reviewer: Sonam tobden | 12/27/10

I m da bigest fan of guns n roses coz wen i 1st time heard der song 4rm dat day i learned 2 play guitar. So dey r my inspiration... I WISH I CUD SEE DA MEMBERS OF g 'n' r ALL TOGETHER so dey can mak sum new record. M rely waiting 4 dat day...

GNR | Reviewer: A person | 8/15/10

I swear to god this is the greatest band yet in a way one of the most tragically ended... i mean think of ALLLL the ppl who were between 12 and 20 at the time they were probly devastated, GNR GET BACK TOGETHER

the best | Reviewer: uglytrucker | 6/19/10

hi i am 50 yrs old now gsr was a dam good band i loved all their songs i watched all the videos and got all their songs to me their was no better they where the best in their era i think they can be again some day rock on axel every body that heard them knows what i mean their alosways be the best

Stop Making Fun Of Every Shit | Reviewer: Music Lover. | 5/21/10

GNR was a great band,all you haters shoiuld go away if you dont giv a damn about them.Something happened with them,not one band has stayed together until life,so why care.axl it wasnt his fault it wasnt anyone's fault.Shit happens in everyones life,no1's perfect there's a bunch of trashy music out there u might say.its because people are running out of lryics nd stuff,love is in moslty hip-hop.all music is the same in different ways i hate it when people like them sya stuff bout people they dont even know personally.if i got a chance to know the whoole band in real life,i would try to get to know everything so then i could tell u guys their personalioty instead of making ur own up about anyone.my goal is to be a rockstar someday,its my dream nd so is learning about ALL music.